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Set up in 1993, Colonial Chiropractic Centre situated in Newtown, CT supplies modern complete Chiropractic care to patients. Chiropractic Care is holistic, meaning that the whole body and a person's lifestyle are examined and treated. Posture, exercise, diet, work/home conditions and other factors are addressed.

To educate, inspire and empower you to take more control over your health and vitality. We supply gentle and precise chiropractic care that relieves pain and restores function to the body and all its moving parts, as well as nutritional solutions using herbs, vitamins and minerals that restore vitality and enhance longevity.

Housewarming Healthy Meals Gift Basket New homeowners are so busy unpacking and setting up their new home that they frequently have little or no time to prepare healthful meals. Exam Survival Healthy Care Package Keep energy levels high for late-night study sessions and all-nighters with our Exam Survival Healthy Care Package for College Students.

SOPHIA Natural Health Center -Integrative Natural Medicine INM - Integrative Natural Medicine makes SOPHIA Natural Health Center different Our approach to health, called Integrative Natural Medicine, is what makes us unique. Under the supervision of our medical director, Kenneth Hoffman, D. Ac (RI), L.Ac., we use the best of the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine blended with the modern science of

YogaSpace provides a range of yoga classes in our lovely Brookfield, CT studio. We serve beginners as well as seasoned yoga students. Our instructors are several of the major teachers in Northern Fairfield County. Creating safe space is our seva service and sharing yoga is our passion!

I'm glad to announce on June first, Arcadia Health Center became Sophia Natural Health Center, a milestone in the growth of our practice. Sophia pronounced sof eye ya is Greek for wisdom and is committed to our Journey to better health through effective natural treatments.

We specialize in a huge array of chiropractic treatments for a array of ailments from sports injuries to auto injuries and provide simple adjustments that aid maintain a balanced and healthy body. Few people realize that regular chiropractic adjustments can actually aid you lead a fuller and healthier lifestyle, in addition to helping your body heal itself from any number of injuries.

Our goal is to supply the best quality and most effective natural health care to allow families to be healthy and cheerful! Family Chiropractic 4 generations in a single family love feeling youthful. Infants & Children Gentle and Safe care enables kids to express their inner capability to heal themself without the danger of life threatening reactions.