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What can you expect from your 1st visit? Dr. John Dorsett specializes in back, neck and extremity pain. Chiropractors are unparalleled in their experience of the back and neck. Chiropractic treatment provides you hands-on, effective treatments which can assist to relieve your back, neck, and extremity pain.

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine Located in Flint, just south of Tyler Texas Licensed and Board Certified Accepting New Patients. At China Rose Acupuncture, you will find unhurried, personalized, complementary health care.

Press to watch a one-minute introduction to chiropractic. Give us a call to start care today! Being a chiropractor is one of the finest jobs in Flint. Helping health-conscious Flint-area patients with today's safe and natural chiropractic care is not only emotionally fulfilling, but humbling. Seeing folks get better, each visit building on the ones before is immensely gratifying!

Lutein Plus with Bilberry is a Premium Nutritional Supplement for Eye Health Lutein is an integral antioxidant from the carotenoid family of nutrients. It has been the subject of many scientific studies. Evidence suggest that consumption of Lutein reduces the risk of cataracts and age related Macular Degeneration. Karen's Health Food Store is physically situated in pretty Whitehouse, Texas.

Reduce tension & stress, improve nerve and blood provide, stimulate the body's natural capability to heal itself, breathe easier. Try reflexology for better health and well-being! Please call for an appointment today! Reflexology is the physical act of applying pressure to the feet and hands with specific thumb finger techniques.

McKinzie Wellness Center in Tyler is proud to serve all of East Texas. Dr. McKinzie has combined total chiropractic services with nutritional testing, postural analysis, Auriculotherapy, massage therapy and Pilates to supply services that treat the body, mind and spirit.

Tyler is my home and I have been blessed to practice chiropractic here since 1977. I am married to a wonderful woman, Sandi, who is an educator. I have raised four kids, two of which are on team at Tyler Chiropractic. I graduated from John Tyler High School in 1971, then attended Tyler Junior College. My professional training and degree is from Texas Chiropractic College in Pasadena, Texas.

  • The most caring practitioner I have ever known. More concerned with patients than about

Everything you are against weakens you. Everything you are for empowers you. You have just opened a website that may change your life! Quantum Healing Institute is a facility that practices orthodox medicine as well as natural, alternative medicine. Dr. Pieter J. DeWet and his friendly, supportive team are dedicated to assisting you earn control of illness that is robbing you from performing at your