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Spine Care for Sensible People

  • I went to see Dr. Donovan after a car accident where I was rear ended. I've been to your

Over the last couple of years, I have had way too many patients come in with the same complaint: the feeling that the last clinic they went to treated them like a number or tried to sell them a care plan that didn't fit their requirements. Initially, it frustrated me to hear what they had gone through. However, it eventually struck me that they confided in me after I had earned their trust.

Is pill-popping nice enough for you? What medicine treats the root of the problem instead of masking the symptoms? With health- a healthy body, mind, and spirit! Only when we currently have health shall we currently have happiness; Only when we currently have happiness shall we currently have longevity.

Chiropractic care for the whole family from Dr. Brian Jones. Learn more on how you can benefit from chiropractic treatments and lead a healthier happier lifestyle. Complete family wellness including massage, accupuncture, chiropractic care and general health & wellness for every family member regardless of age. Frequently asked questions about chiropractic care and general health.

I've often touted the many physical and mental benefits of practicing yoga. Wouldn't it be good if, just once, you were able to say no to those office muffins or that 2nd helping of Friday night pizza? Yoga could give you that willpower. Aside from making you stronger and more flexible, yoga may aid you become smarter about food, too. This one will be in Bellevue on October 14th.

Our NUCCA chiropractic office is situated in Redmond, Washington. We are members of NUCCA National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association, which is a gentle form of chiropractic care, focusing on lasting results in fewer visits, even if you've been told to live with it.

If you have ever taken a hike in the Cascade Mountains, you have seen streams like in the photo above. When you visit such a place, you really feel alive as well as vitality, health, strength, inspiration, and liberty. A mountain cascade is wild stream that harnesses nature's potential. Would you like to feel those qualities in nature within yourself?

Being healthy is something everyone has the capability to be, but stress, lack of time and other factors make it difficult. Eating a healthy diet, getting nutritional and supplemental support, exercising and getting an extra boost with massage or energy work can assist you reach the happiness and healthy feeling you've been looking for. Let me assist you achieve a healthier you!

We strive to give exceptional service and quality chiropractic care, in an environment of healing, provided with integrity and honesty. We trust that our bodies possess the inherent ability, through the coordination of our nervous system, to maintain a state of highly-being, or optimal health.