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Try CHIROPRACTIC - It's the healthiest thing you can do for your body! All images licensed and used with permission from Dreamstime. The Chiropractic Approach Does the number of chiropractic treatments a patient receives per week impact recovery? The investigation followed 72 patients with chronic, nonspecific low back pain of mechanical origin.

Care, hope and love are Dr. Bells key ingredients in helping ill and injured people get well. Located in Rocklin, California Bell Chiropractic was established in Rocklin, CA in the fall of 1991. Dr. Bell loved the tiny town feel of Rocklin as well as the warmth and generosity of its people.

I'm a licensed, certified massage therapist, Lomi bodyworker, somatic life coach & evolutionary astrologer. I received my massage certificate from Integrative Therapy School in Sacramento, CA in 1996. At the Rancho Strozzi Institute in Petaluma, Ca, I studied under the founders of the Lomi School, Richard Strozzi Heckler & Robert Hall, in the areas of somatic education and Lomi bodywork in 1995.

Here you'll find information regarding the benefits of acupuncture and information regarding our clinic. We aim to make your visits as pleasant and productive as possible. Would you like to learn more about acupuncture? Call the Center to register for the next Introduction to Acupuncture class. For some 5,000 years, acupuncture has been used in the Orient to treat illness and promote well-being.

We specialize in recovery from automobile and work injuries. We supply extensive chiropractic care to patients who suffer from severe neck pain, whiplash, sports injuries or injuries caused by accidents, sciatica and leg pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, acute low back pains and numbness, among others.

Dr. Allan Ross and staff are a complete service, holistic, chiropractic clinic in Roseville, California. We aid our patients achieve the best expression of health possible through chiropractic care, workshops, education, nutrition and incredible service. Dr. Ross and family invite you to experience true health through chiropractic care and Maximized Living!

Body Institute has been approved by the State of California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Vocational Education BPPVE. The Body Institute is situated in the quiet, northern California community of Granite Bay, which is conveniently situated in Placer County, near Sacramento between Roseville, Rocklin and Folsom.

It has been months since I have taken Tylenol for broken back, severe sciatica, pregnancy. I can now play with my kids and pick them up to love them. I walked into Dr. Ross' office on crutches in major pain displaced vertebra, bulging disks, pinched nerves. I walked out of his office without crutches!