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It is called Computerized Spinal Decompression CSD therapy. This is an emerging therapy for the treatment of chronic low back pain. Devices using this technology include the DRX 9000, AccuSpina, Lumbar Rx, and Vax-D to name a few. Specialists: We are board certified rehabilitation chiropractors specializing in chronic low back pain. Leaders in CSD: We acquired CSD in 2003.

Safe, gentle, long lasting change. Transformation has never felt more relaxing! Call or email now for a Free Consultation! Hypnosis is a safe, naturally occuring state of mind where one is more receptive to positive suggestions. We find ourselves in a hypnotic trance-like state many times through out the day. Often while we're watching tv, driving long distances or just as we wake up or fall asleep.

Activate your body's own healing mechanisms to restore wellness and balance with Gentle Japanese-Style Acupuncture! Our goal is to share the healing traditions and wisdom of Oriental Medicine with our patients, through special methods of health assessment, education, and treatment, in order to promote optimal health and wellness.

To explore the features of Equilibrium-Bodywork webpage, 1st contemplate the multicolored mandala known as the Flower of Life. Each color relates to an area of healing that I perform. The reader can learn from the descriptions in each modality colored flower what aspects of symptoms or issues can be healed with this type of body-work.

It is gratifying to facilitate healing when nothing else has helped. It is a sacred and pretty process. I feel privileged to be a homeopath. Some people come to homeopathy after trying everything else. Others appreciate it because, with homeopathic care, they are capable to discontinue taking their conventional drugs with all their undesirable side-effects.

Our mission is for each customer to feel comfortable, relaxed and well-taken care of in a pretty, professional surrounding. We will insure that you are being fully supported along your path to better health and wellbeing. Through extensive knowledge and quality education, we work closely with each person to formulate the most efficient treatment plan for your very unique and personal requirements.

I sleep better and have more energy each day. That means no twisting or cracking! At Brunke Chiropractic, our focus is the health and healing of the total body. Our goal is to providing gentle, natural treatments to alleviate the pain and restore the balance that leads to optimum health and well being.

The Ryan Ranch Medical Group supplies comprehensive health care for your whole family. We are committed to serving the Monterey Peninsula community by providing a huge array of services. The Ryan Ranch Medical Group is pleased to be the only family physician practice on the Central Coast to provide Integrative Medicine.