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WELCOME TO THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF CLASSICAL HOMEOPATHY At Natural Health Supply we supply the general public and health care specialists with homeopathic remedies, kits, books and provides. Our focus is to supply you with quality products to improve your results with homeopathy. Our Homeopathic Remedies are hand-succussed in our on-site laboratory.

My name is Daniel Gagnon, and I am the Medical Herbalist and owner of Herbs, Etc. As a child and as a young adult, I suffered from eczema, asthma and allergies. My journey back to health is the driving force that motivates me to evolve herbal medicines and share the benefits of natural healing with other individuals.

  • Not only can you find every herb you could ever need here, their staff is extremely knowledgeable

Situated in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the One Medicine is guided by a philosophy of employing the finest in evidence-based natural treatments and the finest of enlightened Western science. I believe there is only One Medicine - that which is guided by rational understandings of healing principles. You can learn more about The One Medicine and me by reviewing the pages on this website.

NEW! For 4 or more gallons of Body Care and Hair Care visit our Sister Site for great Bulk Prices. Over 200 single note aromatherapy essential oils in sizes varying from 10ml to 16 oz. Every aromatherapy blend has been formulated and created with attention to the best detail. We provide many precious Aromatherapy essential oils blended with Jojoba a unique carrier oil.

We're a group practice committed to delivering exceptional massage, acupuncture, Rolfing Structural Integration, Lymph Drainage Therapy and therapeutic bodywork in a nurturing, professional environment and at reasonable rates. Our experienced, gifted therapists will assist you relax in body, mind, and spirit, while helping to melt away pain and stress.

Dr. Vito Hemphill has practiced chiropractic medicine in Santa Fe, New Mexico for the past 20-three years. Vito's practice focuses on the connection between emotional imbalance and physical pain. He identifies the deeper issues by asking questions using muscle testing and shares effective processes which promote healing.

L ocated in Santa Fe, New Mexico, YogaSource is a vital center for Yoga practice and study in the Southwest. YogaSource provides over 40 classes per week to students at every stage of practice. Our classes are taught by our long-standing team of dynamic teachers all of whom are fully trained and devoted to Yoga.

Our State Licensed Hypnotherapy Training leads the field in educational expertise. We prepare you for a fulfilling hypnotherapy career helping others with 550 hours of hypnotherapy training packed with life transforming techniques. Our professional Hypnotherapy Training is held three times a year, and it's taught in 2 week modules, so you can take a module at a time, or as a comprehensive hypnosis

During my illness this summer, Katherine was truly a blessing in helping to heal. If you're investigating the potential benefits of hypnosis, you're taking a step towards confronting a fear, anxiety, or stumbling block that is preventing you from leading the full life you want and deserve.

Tanya owns the Yoga and Dance Pavilion in Tesuque, New Mexico. This pretty, spiral yoga and dance studio was designed by Tanya's father, Ken Kern, in 1970. Tanya's mother, Mansi Kern specializes in the music and dance of Northern New Mexico and this dance pavilion has been a place where people could go to learn these dances since the studio was founded in 1977.

A natural yet altered state of mind that everyone has experienced at one time or another, whether during the highway hypnosis effect of losing track of time while driving, or just lost in thought. A shift of brainwave patterns very much like the brainwave shifts involved in the sleep cycle. Completely safe no one has ever been harmed by using hypnosis.

J Irish Hypnotherapy has been providing hypnotherapy services in Santa Fe and Albuquerque since 2010.

Khalsa Health Center is alternative holisitic healing center in beautiful Santa Fe, NM, offering treatment, and products promoting wellness, and spiritual wellbeing. We focus on relieving chronic physical pain and emotional trauma, specialist in advanced manual therapy, emotional work, energy medicine, pain management, rehabilitation, Kundalini yoga.

OHM THERAPEUTICS is a simple and effective method of applying Ohm Tuning Forks and other sound healing tools on the body, including acu-points, trigger and reflex points, bone, muscle, and tendons to aid tonify Qi, move stagnant energy and relieve pain. Our modern depiction of the ancient Sanskrit Ohm symbol emphasizes our spiritual connection to the Earth, our home.

We're a comprehensive, natural healthcare center committed to ending the pain and stress associated with musculoskeletal injuries. Our mission is to assist you earn strength, increase performance and live life fully. Let us put an end to your neck and back pain by successfully diagnosing and treating your medical condition.

Situated in the middle of Santa Fe, New Mexico the leading health specialists at Alignment of Life. are committed to assisting you reach your wellness objectives -- combining skill and expertise that spans the whole chiropractic wellness spectrum.

Your brain is 2,000,000 times more powerful than the most powerful computer to date. That is why Hypnotherapy is one of the fastest developing and widely used branches of the healing arts. Hypnosis is a powerful resource to gain peak performance and individual success. The way we feed and choose to use our mind is the key for achieving life fulfillment!

Bikram's yoga is a complete system of 26 Hatha yoga postures. It is a moving meditation practiced for 90 minutes in a room heated to 105 degrees to increase flexibility, reduce injury and facilitate detoxification of the body. The Bikram system is a comprehensive, head to toe workout appropriate for students at any level. Bikram's Yoga Santa Fe has been open since July 2000.

Exceptional dental care is something to smile about. Our goal is to provide you the right dental experience possible. We are dedicated to providing the best care in a compassionate, technologically advanced, and comfortable environment. We know that people today realize how important a pretty smile can be, and they are discovering that a pretty smile can be compromised if their teeth are not functioning

If you have finally decided to give some time to yourself but feel overwhelmed with all the health and wellness trends available this is your answer. Dr. Elle is committed to simplifying this process, separating the fads from the facts and developing a program that is personalized for you.

Hazen Chiropractic Health Center is dedicated to delivering patients with quality Chiropractic care and wellness services. Our leading health specialists supply their extensive Chiropractic experience and experience so that they may meet your future wellness goals. Relieve your pain and start living your life to the fullest!