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Safe Haven Chiropractic is an exceptional environment, a place that is tailored to support healing of those who come inside. Allowing an uninterrupted focus of the healing potential that resides in each of us. A glimpse of how much more is possible, an experience that is purposefully different, radical and exciting. Changing the current view of health and wholeness.

Reducing tension enhances the quality of our lives. At our spa our whole environment is devoted to achieving this peace. The experience is deeply relaxing and ultra hydrating. Many scent options to choose from. Tranquility Sampler 60 or 90 min. Choices include: massage, spa facial, aromatherapy body polish, foot and hand pamper or body wrap.

Satisfied patients have referred majority of our new patients to us for many years. However you have heard of us, you possibly have some idea of what we do. As a new Doctor of Chiropractic in 1978, age 24 highly trained and delighted to be in practice, I experienced, to my surprise, the failure of some patients to reply.

Doctor Tim Schroeder is a chiropractor who is dedicated to assisting you reach wellness in your body, mind and spirit. Particularly, in the realm of body. Dr. Tim, at Tahoe City Chiropractic, has developed an exceptional alternative medicine approach combining the teachings of chiropractic, martial arts and wellness seminars into a singular and effective approach towards reaching and maintaining the

In addition to standard psychotherapeutic techniques, body oriented psychotherapy utilizes breath, movement and touch to make the patient conscious of chronic involuntary muscular contractions that are inhibiting the ability to feel emotions. These areas of tension are distributed in definite patterns throughout the body and cause a deadening of all feelings, painful or pleasurable. Once conscious

Welcome to the website for North Shore Chiropractic of Lake Tahoe and Truckee, California. Our office is situated in the middle of Kings Beach, CA, on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe. We have served the Lake Tahoe region for many years. Our mission is to assist people in all walks of life, to restore and optimize well-being.

I'm dedicated to delivering comprehensive outstanding integrated healthcare in Truckee. Using my in-depth knowledge I will work with you hands on and integrate Chiropractic, Active Release Techniques, Nutrition and then Pilates based Rehabilitation. As we go through your treatment, your requirements change, this is on minute to minute and daily basis.

See How Acupressure Works for a description of what acupressure can do for you. Become empowered and take charge of your health. I invite you to come fill your cup for all that you give out. I provide a completely customized session just for you and your requirements. The healing touch of acupressure reduces tension, increases circulation, and allows the body to enhance its own natural self-curative