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A soothing massage, enhanced with Hot Stone Massage and Reiki is an integral component of your health maintenance and wellness plan. Frequent Massage specials and packages are available. I incorporate Hot Stone Therapy into the regular massage because of its many benefits. The warmth of basalt stones is used to massage tight muscles.

What can you expect from a visit to New England Chiropractic Care? First, enjoy our state of the art facility in which you will discover the true wellness lifestyle. We will show you the natural way to better health without resulting to the use of medications such as Zoloft, Lyrica, Chantex, and Alli.

Bring your yoga mat, towel, and water bottle; and join us! Eight-Week Expand and Explo re series provide a huge range of classes. Many series are expected to fill up speedily. If a series shows a start date prior to today's date, the series is currently running and walk-ins are welcome.

Valley Yoga supplies an inviting and encouraging environment for the learning and practice of yoga. Our teaching approach is built on Classical Yoga which defines guidelines for effective and safe yoga exercises for all stages of ability. The practices can be profoundly integrating to the body and mind, yet they are simple. They can be uplifting and life-enhancing, yet are not religious.

Hampshire Yoga was set up in 1981 to bring classical yoga to the community. We teach at our studio in West Springfield and host summer programs at Smith College in Northampton, MA. We are guided by our teacher, B.K.S. Iyengar and his senior teacher Ramanand Patel. Our Director, Jim Gleason, is certified in the Iyengar method. At Hampshire Yoga, asanas postures are not taught, but guided.

Our aim at Le Bel Chiropractic is to supply the finest full- spectrum chiropractic care in a timely, individualized and compassionate manner. At Le Bel Chiropractic, we strongly believe in your right to choose and aid direct your health care. We believe that every health care consumer has the correct to be fully informed and educated about the services they receive.

We invite you to our experience a form of relaxation that has been around for centuries. An ancient form of manual therapy used to reduce pain, relieve tension and stimulate your immune system. Located in Forest Park, our new massage center provides a range of forms of therapeutic massage varying from relaxation and pampering to deep therapy for specific problems in a relaxing Victorian environment.

Here at Physicians Plus you'll find a selection of information diverse in nature, but commensurate with our philosophy and principles of quality patient care. Within our clinic you'll find yourself feeling quite comfortable in it's historic surroundings.