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Manufactures over 250 of the best quality herbals extracts and herbal formulas. Our products are made from certified organic or ethically wild-crafted botanicals. Our extractions are done with certified organic pharmaceutical grade alcohol or pharmaceutical grade glycerine. All of our extracts conform to our strict quality standards.

Simply Relax - a Restorative Yoga Workshop 1:00PM thru 3:00PM on Saturday September 26 Instructor: Mary Ellen Ricks, RYT®, CMT, Owner and Director This is a gentle, relaxing class in which the body is totally supported with blankets, bolsters, straps, and other props in each posture. Save the date for the Second Annual Women's Self Care Retreat! Space limited to 10 participants.

She follows in the path of her late mother, Carol Alexander, who was a Holistic Nurse Practitioner and licensed Acupuncturist. Elaine explains that she was raised with holistic values and that it is in my genes! After spending a number of years working at Saint Barnabas Medical Center, Elaine speedily realized that she shared her mother's passion for holistic healthcare, and wanted to be capable to

Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is love of humanity. Hippocrates Meet the Director and Acupuncturist Ruth A. Karmazon, C.A., M.S. Ruth is licensed to practice acupuncture in both New York and New Jersey. She holds a Masters of Science degree in Acupuncture from New York's Classical Acupuncture school, The Swedish Institute, and a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre & Dance, from the State University

Dr.Sandy Giacobbe, Chiropractic Physician, Wellness and Fitness Practitioner and his associates are dedicated to bringing you better health and a better way of life by teaching and practicing the true principles of holistic, life-wellness care. Ascenza Wellness Video Clients seeking treatment or services at Ascenza Wellness Center with Dr. Giacobbe and our wellness associates, are assured of receiving

As Freehold Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Pain Management Doctors, and Sports Medicine Physicians, NJ Spine and Wellness takes pride in your recovery. Visit our Locations in Central New Jersey for a convenient consultation for your back pain, neck pain, sciatica, arthritis, sports injury, and orthopedic concerns. Your first appointment at our top rated Freehold medical clinic will be a through

  • Before we knew of NJ Spine and Wellness, my wife had excruciating lower back pain and

Why choose Chiropractic to aid gain your wellness goals? Although Chiropractic is well-known for its gentle, natural approach to alleviating pain and restoring joint and nerve function, it can be a key component in creating overall health and wellness.

Our unique approach Skylands Acupuncture and Wellness Center's Unique approach to Wellness is built on the understanding and appreciation that each patient is an exceptional personal whose well being is tremendously affected by his or her lifestyle which includes diet, emotions and environment. Therefore, each patient's health requirements will differ from each other.

The practice of Touching the Earth. is to recognize that we're not alone but connected. We touch the earth to let go of the idea that we're separate and to remind us that we're the Earth and part of Life. Deedee is on sabbatical being nourished by the positive, joyous energies of the earth. Lisa Perry is a long time yoga practitioner. My knowledge in your class has been wonderful.

It's about creating calm in the midst of chaos. Knowing the strength of the present moment. Taking time to reflect and recharge. Welcome to The Center for Healing Journeys, created from a passion to supply a sacred and respectful place for people to transform their lives. My healing practice is all about empowering others to discover their true selves.

Like most chiropractors, I was inspired to pursue a career in the field because of a individual experience with chiropractic that helped me enjoy a better quality of life. As a child I suffered from severe allergies and asthma. Conventional medical care provided little relief for me and only one option: potent and toxic medications that I'd have to take indefinitely.

Restore Mind and Body supplies an opportunity for real growth and change. Do you experience anxiety, depression or difficulty adjusting to a life change or painful event? Are you having marital/relationship problems? Having a hard time creating fullfilling relationships? Perhaps you want to explore a individual pattern, habit, or tendency and make a change.

Supatha offers an array of Yoga & Sculpting classes weekly; Senior Yoga teacher; Lakshmi Devi's joyful & compassionate sense of humor infused with her wealth of knowledge helps to creates a safe, fun and nurturing environment for practice. Lakshmi's Instructions are detailed and easy to follow; individual attention throughout, guiding in a gentle non-competitive way. Whether you are new to Yoga or

Frenchtown NJ, Supatha Yoga is a fresh-unique style of Yoga and Fitness tailored for Every-Body...age, size or physical ability. Offering many diverse drop-in classes at multiple levels and sequencing daily. Founder and Senior Teacher Sri Lakshmi Devi has a vast knowledge of the human body | mind | spirit; along with a joyful sense of humor and compassionate nature. Each class encompasses a nurturing,

Yoga & Pilates classes daily, multiple Levels & Styles. SUPATHA is nestled in the wooded landscape of Historic Frenchtown NJ, a 5 minute drive from downtown Bridge Street. This quaint Victorian Schoolhouse offers stunning nature views and a peaceful environment to let go of your hectic lifestyle. Lakshmi's joyful sense of humor and wealth of knowledge create a safe, fun & nurturing environment to develop

  • My wife Shirley and I have been Kingwood township residents for almost 15 years, and having

Chiropractic care treats the causes of physical problems, not just the symptoms. If you have spinal subluxations most people do, your spine doesn't function properly. Spinal subluxation is a misalignment of your spine which can put pressure on your spinal column and the nerves that run through the spine. This in turn can lead to neck, back and hip pain as well as many other ailments.

She performs these services at Harmony Holistic Wellness Center in Sussex County, NJ. Ms. Sartoretto received her Reiki Master Certification from the Center for Holistic Healing in Ringwood, NJ, and her Hypnotherapist Certification from the National Guild of Hypnotists in Merrimack, NH.

Our Websites goal is to supply as much accurate information necessary to allow you to make wise decisions regarding your health, or the health of a loved one. We want to give you the possibility to learn about our state-of-the-art facility situated in Andover, NJ. Additionally, we like to assist you discover the cause s and potential solution s to your painful condition, and to encourage and aid

Kids today are under a tremendous amount of stress from school, their environment, peer competition and expectations from the media. Stress affects the way kids learn and interact with their surroundings. It affects their health, well-being and confidence. YogaKids creates the ultimate learning adventure while helping youths de-stress and relax.

Are you interested in maintaining your health and well being by a holistic method with a minimum use of medications? Are you suffering from stress, depression, fatigue, allergies, or a range of pains? Do you want to stop smoking or lose weight? If so, it is time to seriously consider using acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.