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Hello and welcome to our website! You've taken the 1st step in improving your health and life through Chiropractic care! The purpose of this site is to supply you with information about the Chiropractic health profession, and our office, O'Leary Chiropractic, PLLC.

Ultimately, your health is your responsibility and you owe it to yourself to know your options. Chiropractic Dr. Bill Tackett and Dr. Ellen Nichols offer chiropractic services to assist with back pain. Chiropractic has been clinically proven to successfully and efficiently treat many aches and pains that people experience every day. The following infor- mation will assist you understand why.

Find community acupuncture near you on CAN's Locate A Clinic. The Peace that is missing from your health care. Maybe there's a Peace missing from your Health care. At the Acupuncture Studio, instead of high tech pills and machines, we use the most sophisticated healing tool available - your own body.

We hope that you will join us and bring your family and friends! There will be NO LAUGHTER YOGA for the next two weeks, as we'll be busy with Missy's wedding. We hope you'll be capable to join us! Note: Thursday night zumba class is filled. There are a couple of spots left in each Tuesday and Saturday!

Reiki Heart is the professional private practice of Deirdre Affleck MS, LMHC, CHt who is a certified Mental Health counselor, Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher & Certified Hypnotherapist. Compassion is the heart of the practice. Mindfulness and Gratitude are the keys to happiness. A mixture with mind-body-spirit healing modalities are applied depending on the requirements of the person. Reiki Heart

Licenced Acupuncturist and Herbalist Maya Alishayeva is a contented person, who induces a "feel good, look great" condition into her patients by utilizing extended medical knowledge and experience as well as a unique system to enhance the patients health and well being. She encourages patients to live in accordance with the nature of the body and to pursue a path to peace and happiness. Maya Alishayeva

  • I wanted to get acupuncture for a constant headache I've had for a while and also my

Katie has been a Wellbeing Therapist for over 19 years and is passionate about bringing positive change into your life using the many healing techniques she studied. Highly experienced in working with people enduring the many symptoms of anxiety and high stress resulting in burnout, exhaustion and depression.

W elcome to medical deep tissue, a new revolutionary form of bodywork designed to help in the assessment, management, and treatment of musculoskeletal pain, injury, and dysfunction. The mdt therapy designed by Dr. James Macie DC, LMT, is being taught as a treatment that compliments modalities already performed by massage therapists, physical therapists, and chiropractors.

Spine Care of Saratoga is proud to provide the Saratoga area's only Triton DTS Spinal Decompression System. If you are suffering from disc herniations, bulges, or many other back, neck, or extremity conditions, this treatment may benefit you. Thank You, and have a great day.

We communicate and follow through. We work towards harmonious functioning. Imbalance in one area affects the entire. Integration involves looking at the whole picture of one's life. Our holistic therapeutic approach includes underlying and causative factors as well as symptoms. One Roof is a health center that gathers an range of holistic therapies in one place.

We've been in business since 1986. We have searched the world to provide you the best in Skin Care, Bath & Body Products, Aromatherapy, Candles and more. We invite you to be our guest and experience the relaxing, therapeutic, rejuvenating and renewing treatments at our Spa & Clinique, visit our Boutique or shop at our E-store for a huge range of original, natural, luxurious and sensual products to

That mission stands strong today! Our bodies are created to be self-healing-but with the overwhelming amounts of stress, environmental toxins and daily overuse, they have a difficult time keeping up! Reiki energy is a non invasive tool to help with self-healing by delivering a fresh source of natural energy for the body to rebuild itself.

Naturopathic Medicine blends centuries-old natural, non-toxic therapies with current advances in the study of health and healing. Licensed Naturopathic Physicians are trained at accredited four-year naturopathic medical schools to be primary care general practitioners with expertise in natural medicine.

This will reduce your time in the waiting room and get you to your visit speedily. This will reduce your time in the waiting room and get you to your visit speedily. At your 1st visit the doctor will do a comprehensive physical examination to determine if you are a nice candidate for chiropractic care.

A Peaceful Place Massage & Wellness Center is dedicated to bridging the gap between traditional western approaches to nice health and holistic alternatives. We do this by honoring the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and providing a huge array of therapies.

Our aim to Rugani Family Chiropractic is to assist our patients attain true health by using holistic, non-invasive therapeutic approaches. By holistic, we are referring to treating the body as a complete, through nutritional and wellness programs. We have a relaxed, warm, friendly atmosphere which is tailored to accommodate our patients' personal requirements.

Dr. Antonio Marotta is a board certified, licensed Doctor of Chiropractic who utilizes several kinds of modalities and methods to accomplish a patient's goals. Together, Doctor and patient work as a staff to obtain a desired level of wellness in a safe, healthy, and effective manner. You will be surprised to learn that chiropractors do more than you think!

Acupuncture and herbal medicine for people and animals have been practiced in China for 1000's of years! Since the late 70's, the study and practice of acupuncture has earned greater understanding and acceptance in the U.S. and abroad. The American Veterinary Medical Association has called acupuncture an important part of veterinary medicine.

Whether the mission is to lessen pain, find an alternative to pharmaceuticals, or improve your quality of life, Dr. LoBisco's Naturopathic Medicine lets you receive the right of both worlds conventional medicine, combined with safe and proven complementary therapies. Dr. Sarah LoBisco has been involved in wellness for over 8 years.

  • I have had several health issues and in 2 weeks after seeing Dr Sarah I was already feeling

Welcome! Robert Weissberg M.D. has dedicated his career in medicine to the study and practice of healing the body, mind and soul. Dr. Weissberg is dedicated to the treatment of the whole personal and practices the integrated medical model that uses traditional western medicine with the finest holistic and complementary practices.