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When prescription strength is not strong enough. Does your doctor spend fifteen minutes or less with you? Have you ever wondered if only the symptoms are being treated, and not the root cause? If you answered yes to either question then you should look into alternative medicine.

Gibson Chiropractic was established in 1993 by Dr. Jean Gibson. Chiropractic works by adjusting the spine so that there is better communcation between the body and the brain. Dr. Jean Gibson, M.S., D.C., received her bachelor's degree from SMU in Dallas, and her master's degree specializing in exercise physiology from North Texas State University in Denton, TX.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbology treats pain quickly and effectively. Has been proven to be very cost saving. Pamela Bayers, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., Dipl.,OM, Dipl.C.H., received three years pre-medical training at the UA in Fayetteville and graduated with a four year Masters degree in Oriental Medicine At AOMA in Austin, TX. She specializes in infertility, autoimmune diseases, macular degeneration and pain

  • I visited Pam with terrible TMJ. After my first visit it was 80 % improved. I could put

Acupuncture is a popular treatment used to aid alleviate back and neck pain. Tiny needles, about the size of a human hair, are inserted into specific points on the body. Each needle may be twirled, electrically stimulated, or warmed to enhance the effect of the treatment. Some 50 million U.S. residents live with chronic pain, experts estimate.

We welcome you to a different approach to your health care. Chiropractic is the biggest growing health care today. Patients like you are tired of suffering with their health problems. Some of you are tired of taking medications to cover up the problems instead of finding out why you have the pain or the problems to start with. Some patients want to try something else instead of having surgery.

The new clinic is an exciting new concept in health and wellness for the whole family, all under one roof. Better health is within your reach! Find out what so many others have discovered about Naturopathic Medicine. During the consult, you can discuss the benefits of naturopathic medicine and what to expect. This can be done in office, or by phone. Now providing nutrient IV therapy!

Beemer Back Center is a complete service chiropractic facility serving Springdale and the Northwest Arkansas area since 1992. It is our dedication to supply best quality health care at affordable prices. We continue to do our very finest to enable every person interested in improving their health the possibility to receive the benefits of lifetime chiropractic care.

What can you expect from a visit to Keller Clinic? First, enjoy our state of the art facility. Once all paper work is filled in see Patient Forms, Dr. Keller will start with a thorough health consultation to assess your areas of concern and identify if you are experiencing a condition that should reply to chiropractic care.

Hines Chiropractic family practice continues its long-standing tradition of quality chiropractic care in Northwest Arkansas, under the banner of HINES HEALTH. Please feel free to acquaint yourself with our facility and team through our website, in preparation for your initial visit.

Serving Northwest Arkansas for over eighteen years. Removing nerve interference for the restoration of health. As the nations leading alternative health profession, we're here to assist you and your family with your health care requirements Using traditional, hands on adjusting to restore proper function to the body. This website contains lots of information that may aid you find the answers you are

Haines Chiropractic is committed not only to pain relief but to preventative and wellness care, helping our patients enjoy the best quality of life. If you have any questions, please contact our office for more information.

Our Clinic We are a State of the Art Chiropractic and Wellness Clinic that uses alternative medicine and natural healing techniques. We provide corrective care programs for total correction of your problem or aliment. We combine the kinds of Chiropractic and Physical Therapy as well as Acupuncture to reach the highest possible results.

  • Great place, wonderful people, nice hours, perfect prices, quick, most of all I'm Pain

Wellness Secrets Lifestyle Center was set up in 2004 and is situated in pretty NW Arkansas. We focus on natural ways of treating a range of health problems including diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, pain, weight management, and stress. Classes can be given in our lecture room or at your situation.

Here is your source for the right nature-based body-care products for women and men. Our employees use them 1st to make sure it is up to our standards before we provide them to you at the highest possible price. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back. We will ship the next day or explain the delay. This extends to text, photographs, logos, images, sounds, and all other portions of this

Take the time to experience the art, science and pleasure of aroma, massage and energy balancing therapies. You'll feel better, more alert and relaxed in mind and body. I started my bodywork studies in 1982 with reflexology. One thing lead to another and by 1991 EUREKA! my vocation and my home.

Massage, nutrition, exercise, and herbs, among other modalities, have been used since ancient times to heal the body, spirit and mind. Modern society has made many of us move so far away from these natural methods of self-healing that we do not even know what nice feels like. Let us aid you Feel Good again!

We love our patients at Clouse Chiropractic Family Practice. We are here early and stay late six days a week. I have been treating patients in the Fort Smith and Van Buren area for ten years. I have treated every condition you can think of and several that you wouldn't. I perform a thorough evaluation with blood work and urinalysis.

  • Dr. Clouse is awesome! He spends a lot of time with you and is really knowledgeable!!

I appreciate the privilege of serving my fellow man aim to achieve his/her optimum health in which the body was designed. Using Natural health care as a positive alternative. Advising proper nutrition plenty of water, adequate exercise, Rest, positive mental attitude, and a sound nervous system through Chiropractic treatment.

Our goal is: To supply the finest nutritional supplements available and the most up to date information to keep you healthy or regain your health. To advance these aims we currently have four departments: Our premium vitamin shop Nutritional counseling clinic New therapy referral And our research and development department.

Dr. Roger R. Bullington and the team at Absolute Chiropractic Samantha, Ginger, Janice and Shannon are dedicated to bringing you and your family better health and a better way of life by practicing the true principles of Gonstead Chiropractic care and combining state-of-the-art physical therapy modalities, along with natural medicines and the correct diet specific for your requirements.