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And Americans bought more drugs. Americans pop pills, but proof is lacking. An article on drug therapies in the US you wonder? But no, it's yet another article trying to put a negative spin on holistic care, when the theme would have been more apropos for Americans seemingly insatiable appetite for prescription medication.

We're a holisitic office providing direction in areas of chiropractic healthcare, massage therapy, nutrition, exercise, positive mental attitude and relaxation. Our goal is to serve our community by delivering effective, principled, chiropractic care affordable for the whole family to receive.

Don't settle for living with your pain and continuing to struggle through each day. Hundreds of people in the local community rely on our office to keep their energy levels up and their pain levels down! If you are searching for a non-surgical, drug-free approach to reducing pain and increasing energy, we welcome you to browse our unique style of results-driven, Chiropractic care.

The American Chiropractic Association and the International Chiropractic Association have developed programs to aid citizens have a voice in national health care issues, including inclusion of chiropractic as a core service benefit. Young posture suffers from overweight and improper backpacks. Learn what you can do to aid prevent these problems.

Synaptic sin-ap-tik - from the Greek word SUNAPTOS, which means joined together Synaptic Chiropractic Center's goal is to join together all kinds of healthcare in order to maximize our patients' results. Synaptic Chiropractic Center was established on the principle that all dysfunctions ie. pain & disease require 4 core methods of treatment.

Integrating healing modalities that enable the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to engage harmoniously as we journey through this lifetime. Deep yet, gentle levels of healing allow the body to release physical tension as well as emotional patterns and belief systems that no longer serve you.

The Francis Holistic Medical Center, P.C. is a holistic private practice utilizing integrative care by board certified physicians. Our tram includes alternative providers to augment our services. Our preventive and environmental approaches include the use of nutritional/dietary treatments, hormonal therapies, allergy testing and treatment, and intravenous vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants.

CENTRAL MASS YOGA INSTITUTE is located next to the pretty Wachusett Reservoir in the Causeway Crossing Professional Building, at 45 Sterling Street, Route 12 second floor, #28 in West Boylston, Massachusetts. Parking is abundant in both the front and back lots and our Yoga Studio is accessible to the handicapped through the back entrance ramp.