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Alane’s expertise and guidance in the holistic approach to healing and living a healthier life has been extremely helpful. She has guided me through my journey of dealing with cystic acne, gut and immune issues and recently my battle with Lyme Disease. Alane has been a true blessing in my

Dr. Derek has been a great chiropractor who has helped me greatly and cares for his patients as individuals-I see how he is with those who go before me at my appoint each week. I am so thankful for him. I highly recommend him. His staff, Amber and Sherry are so wonderful, it feels like a family.

Wellness for Life isnt just a simple adjustment and go. Its a lifestyle. They want to make sure that you feel good, but also learn how to maintain feeling good. Seminars are available on more information about ways to better your health and life. The problems i had were insomnia, back pain,

The staff is incredibly patient, helpful, and provides wonderful customer service. The doctor I saw answered all my questions and helped with my back pain. I visited the downtown location and it is super convenient for my Commute after work.

Dr. Mike is AMAZING! As soon as I walked into Fix Body I knew I was in the right place, there was such good energy. Dr. Mike took the time to explain why I was in pain and devised a plan to get me feeling good again. After a few visits I was already feeling improvement and inspired to keep

Cheryl is an incredible midwife and person. She was the top of my list when planning a homebirth for my surrogacy in 2016. Her balanced and thorough care for me as a the birthing person and taking care of the baby’s family seemed absolutely effortless on her part. She was as hands off as

Dr. Derrick is amazing. Very approachable, easy for talk to, and knows what he is doing! He's been putting me back together for awhile now. Front desk ladies are always super sweet and helpful.

Been seeing Dr. Knapp for some time now and he is absolutely amazing. Really seems to care and comes up with great solutions to health problems that address to "root" rather than the symptoms.

Amber is really easy to talk to, like a friend right from the start. She is very knowledgeable and has helped me tremendously. Highly recommend her. Thank you Amber

A Chiropractor that specializes in shoulder injuries and conditioning the body for golfers in Scottsdale ? Could this be a better match? Went in for a shoulder injury and after a few weeks I am almost back to a 100%. Excellent customized and personalized service, friendly staff. Quite the

Wow! I saw Dr. Mike Jerez of Fix Body Group in Palm Desert for the first time last week for an initial 1 hour consultation and I have to say that he completely changed my mind about chiropractors. Not only was he knowledgeable, he was also incredibly thorough and patient, explaining exactly

Wow! I saw Dr. Mike Jerez of Fix Body Group in Palm Desert for the first time last week for an initial 1 hour consultation and I have to say that he completely changed my mind about chiropractors. Not only was he knowledgeable, he was also incredibly thorough and patient, explaining exactly

Absolutely love this female-based practice! Dr. Leah and her team are well-rounded in offering various, effective treatments, and understand that each individual has specific needs. Given the nature of my job, this is a MUST in order to keep me going! I have had extreme relief from significant

Excellent all encompassing , professional, warm and friendly, highly competent team that has helped me with multiple ailments. Instructive exercises are even viewed as homework on their interactive exercise app. Great team of PT, Bryant; OT, Todd and Alex; athletic trainers, Nicole and Danny,

I was very sceptical when I was asked if i wanted to try acupuncture. I can say now I am a believer. Pam is very knowledgeable and awesome. After dealing with back issues for so long I had immediate relief in my lower back. I could actually drive 1 hr without pain and discomfort. She listens

Dr Rachum and Joyce are wonderful and always get treated very respectful and friendly. Always answers our family's questions and receive treatment for relieve in a timely manner. We have been parients for over 15 years. No long waits and very honest and truthful! I am so happy to have them

Been using PC for over a year. Always friendly, and doc is very good at his job. Never fails to keep me in line

I called after being referred to Dr. Ahaghotu. I also looked on various sites with all 5-star reviews getting a funny feeling about it. Well, my instincts were right. She cannot provide good service and "heal" as they all say if you cannot even get an appointment. I called leaving a voicemail

I’ve been receiving the fine care from Dr Gordon for nearly 10 years. His attention, concern and skills are unparalleled not to mention his “bedside manners” and positive vibes. If you are looking for relief from whatever ails you, look no further than Carnegie Chiropractic.

Dr Michael from the Palm Desert office, is an incredibly talented man. I took my daughter (14 year old athlete) to him after she had a collusion with another player at a soccer game, she was complaining of pain in her arm and back. Not only he spent about an hour with her working on her injuries

Very thankful for the help in becoming more flexible and healthy. Great studio, products and staff.

I absolutely love Fix Body Group. My husband and I attended the San Diego locations, and when we found out we were moving to Scottsdale we were so relieved to find that a location was opening up here. Fix will hands down be the best chiropractor experience you will ever have. From Christopher

I came to PWC a little over two months ago. I was constantly in pain. In two months, I’m already feeling better! Not only has my pain subsided significantly but I have more energy and I no longer have trouble falling asleep. Also, the staff is awesome. They are caring and compassionate and

We have been seeing Dr Ezzy for years now and she is incredible. She will find the root cause to your problem(s) and she is the only doctor I’ve ever met who actually LISTENS and genuinely wants to help. We all love her and are so grateful for her!

Great new place if you are looking to rehabilitate yourself. From an amazing receptionist who makes you feel welcome and excited to come back, to amazing chiropractor/personal training personnel. Everyone genuinely cares about you!

Best place to stretch sore or lazy muscles, learn to breathe better, clear a cluttered mind, build strength and confidence, or just find a quiet space in a busy world. Jill, Ashley, Alycia, and Bonnie are amazing teachers. My practice at this studio makes me feel healthier in so many wonderful

I have been going to Dr. Derrick since November of 2018 and feel great! I just saw him today because I had twisted my knee and my right hip was out of place and Dr. Derrick was able to take care of it all in one visit👍 Thank you Dr. Derrick! I Highly recommend Back To Health Chiropractic.

Karl and Marcie have created a very special wellness practice right here in Wellesley Hills. Every practitioner I have seen has been excellent at their craft - Karl, Marcie, Gerlie, Marissa and Erica. Everyone needs a little Stepping Stone in their life.

Dr. Derrick and staff are so amazing and professional! I was a little apprehensive going to see a Chiro, the receptionist Shari and coworker, were friendly, reassuring, professional,and very knowledgeable. Dr. Derrick walked me through everything that was going to happen and explained all that

Dr. Rachum and Joyce are very professional and nice. They care for their patients and do help them feel better. I am happy to say some Doctors do take pride in what they do. I highly recommend them.

Explains things better than any doctor I’ve seen for my issues. Very knowledgeable , caring and compassionate !

Very professional, nice people that really care about how you are feeling

I have been a patient of Dr. Negri since around 2008 , he is very knowledgeable. He has help me through many difficult situations with great success.Basically all of my close family members are his patients too. Thank you Dr. Negri for all you have done to help us live healthy and happy lives.

It's easy to be skeptical of a "different" approach to your health with holistic chiropractic, but going to Wellness for Life never ceases to amaze me! I feel like I have more control over my health and the health of my children in ways that I never feel with an average doctor visit. The holistic

Full disclosure: I scheduled two appointments with Marni while I was on vacation. If I lived local, she would definitely be part of my pain care management plan. I wanted to get back into the routine of regular acupuncture treatments, and Marni took me on knowing we had a short amount of time.

Michael is super knowledgeable. Not only did he snap me in places I didn’t know I could snap. But he educated me on what was happening in my body and why I was struggling for so many years with the pain I’ve had. He really took his time with me and for that I am very grateful. I’m a client

This is truly a one of a kind office! Chiropractic was not initially on my radar and I didn't really see myself ever trying it out. Luckily, I stumbled upon Dr. Nima's office before any of my symptoms escalated. The entire staff is incredibly welcoming, the office is immaculate and upbeat,

I was referred to NJ Spine & Wellness after sustaining injuries from an accident. Although I was hesitant at the idea of Physicial Therapy, the whole staff at NJ Spine & Wellness is super-friendly, knowledgeable and attentive to detail. I was first treated by Dr. Hassan & his medical assistant

I just left there and feel 6 inches taller!! I highly recommend a visit!!!

I’ve been seeing chiropractors since 1983 or so. I’ve been treated by about 12-15. I would only recommend 7 of those. Mark Lee is in the Top 3. He listens to patient input and explains in simple detail what he is doing and how it affects the problems and outcome. And he truly cares.

Her passion and caring come through so strongly in her sessions. I know it sounds extreme, but in the last 2 weeks working with her I have uncovered more about myself, habits, and behaviors then I have with twenty years of off and on talk therapy. These insights have been invaluable for making

Dr Bruce has not only helped me with immediate pain relief but also given me tools and knowledge to maintain a pain free lifestyle. He has taught me to always be aware of our bodies and really believes in a natural approach to healing. Professional insightful and personable.

I was experiencing a dull, aching pain in my lower back and hip area so I decided to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jewett. It was the best decision I could have made! After just five visits, my back pain is gone and I feel great! Dr. Jewett is an amazing Chiropractor and I highly recommend

I've had services in chiropractic care, decompression, laser, and massage therapy, and they were all amazing. They are extremely thorough in the methods of care. The customer service, quality of care, and professionalism are consistently exceptional. Everyone is so personable and makes you

Peter Howe is the most experienced and effective nutritional and energetic healer I know. Health issues always involve a combination of physical, emotional and energetic factors. Peter is someone who has decades of experience in working sucessfully with all these levels in an integrated way.

Dr. Hayduk spent so much time listening to me and helping me get my life back, the appointments just fly by, she's easy to talk too. I had horrible skin and gut problems and really wanted a baby. Birth control pills were all that were offered to me to fix my skin and it only made it worse.

Before we knew of NJ Spine and Wellness, my wife had excruciating lower back pain and after seeing multiple specialists (chiropractors and orthopedic doctors) for over 30 visits, the pain only got worse. We discovered after an MRI that she had 2 herniated discs. The NJ spine and wellness group

My boyfriend slipped a disc in his neck and was in so much pain he was miserable. The doctors and staff here were life savers. Not only did they help readjust him and take so much pain away, they were incredibly nice and made the whole experience wonderful! I highly recommend this place!!

Heather was able to stop the migraines which I've been suffering from for over 15 years. Prior to her treatments i had been to a Chinese Accupuncturist whose treatments do not compare to Sullivan Accupuncture and only offered temporary relief.

She helped in the healing of my sore neck and provided a very relaxing time for me. I definitely recommend her if you want a great experience for your body.