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Quick service for a painful shoulder. Various applications and treatments used during visit. Attentive to symptoms and recommendations for extra therapy at home before next appointment.

Thank you so much for this informations. Its is very usefull to me and i will suggest to my friends. I am a professional doctor if you need any types of sugesstion so please contact me

I've gone to many chiropractors in the area. This is by far been my best experience. The staff members are friendly and knowledgeable. Above all, they truly care about your well being!

The service and the program to help my body and gut was overall amazing and very insightful, but also very pricey. The whole program heavily revolves around you to actually put in the work and time to stick to the diets and supplements and if you can stay with everything it is one of the most

Dr Coberly and his staff are always amazing. Excellent treatment all around, wonderful business that deserves top Chiropratic company in Loveland every year. I recommend all my friends and family for treatment that live in Loveland.

Had my first adjustment with Dr. Stephanie. Wow! I can actually move my neck now. She thoroughly explained what the problem was and did a great job carrying out the adjustment. Thank you!

I had never experienced chiropractic before and didn't know what to expect. I was referred by a friend and have found the team at Evolve Schaumburg to be top rate. I've worked through a variety of different treatments and continue to improve and learn more about how my body should work.

Dr Stephanie, Is awesome and professional,She help to keep working as a hairstylist, on feet for long hours!! Thank you I would recommend all the Staff there, great job!!!!

I’m so pleased with Evolve Chiropractic! The staff, doctors, and massage therapists are all amazing! My back and neck issues I’ve had for years are finally getting better! I would recommend this place to everyone! You will walk out feeling better than when you walked in!

Dr. Corey and his staff are wonderful. If you want pinpointed treatment and a well rounded plan for healing and health this is the place to go. I have no shoulder pain after 9 years of struggling with it.

I HIGHLY recommend going to Dr.Luke!! I always have certain weaknesses in my back so I love the freedom of being able ro go Anytime I need to be adjusted.. Gianna ia a perfectly friendly receptionist and the atmosphere there is calming... one price a month and any time u can go! If u have

Dr. Matt is a great chiropractor. He is thorough, he listens to your concerns and addresses them, and he also educates you in the process! Highly recommended

When I had some medical issues that proved to be anything but normal and I needed a new approach. My sister referred me to Dr. Bain. He was a very caring and compassionate doctor. He really listened to me and he took an approach that included both Eastern and Western medicine. Dr. Bain is the

Staff is awesome, definitely know what they are doing I strongly recommend them. Thank you Dr. McKay for treating me during the shutdown and staff as well.

The staff and experience are 5-star! Every person I have talked with is professional and knowledgeable. They care about their patients and take the time to get to know them. Always feel welcomed when I walk in.

Dr. Callie is simply amazing! She cares deeply about healing her clients and making you feel heard and understood! She is simply the most knowledgeable and best chiropractor I have ever seen. I highly recommend her!

I have been getting treated by Dr Janet Leidy for years now. She is absolutely incredible and outshines any other acupuncturist I have experienced. She is genuine and caring and always well invested in her patient's well being and treatment plan. She spends a lot of time and attention on

Attentive team of people who who listen and understand patient issues and feedback. Intuitive solutions that work. So effective that even my masseuse immediately noticed marked improvement after one month of treatment.

I have too many good things to say about Division Chiropractic. A chiropractor that no longer works there changed my life with my chronic back problems (thank you, Dr. John), and Ada, the world's best massage therapist, continues to improve my world each month. Ada gives my body a restart and

Dr. Joe is the best chiropractor in Lake county and that’s a fact. I trust him with my body as well as my children’s. I know he will do his best to help his patients and go above and beyond for them! I truly love everyone of the ladies in the office too each one give the patient a special

I have been seeing Dr Bain for a few years now and I can honestly say that he's the best Dr I have ever had,and I've seen too many doctors. He truly listens to me as a patient and doesn't solely go off of my lab results. He has treated me with great respect. He has treated me medically, holistically

Dr. Bain cares a great deal about treating more than just symptoms. He puts real effort into understanding your history and experiences and works with you to drill down to the root causes of your health concerns. He also demonstrates respect for your time by starting appointments promptly,

Everyone that works here is just amazing! Not only are they doing a fantastic job helping my back and neck, they are just great people and funny and always a joy to be around! I look forward to my visits every week! Highly recommend coming here!

I first saw Dr. Bain about six years ago for a series of complex medical problems I was having. Severe disorder of the nervous system, back injuries, and an injury to both of my hands. (Go big or go home!) I had seen a series of other doctors before him and they were adequate at best. Dr. Bain,

I can’t say enough great things about the spa and owners. Their name says it all! As soon as I walked in I started to de-stress. I was greeted by friendly and knowledgeable staff and told, that I could get myself a beverage and put my feet on the warm detox Himalayan salt domes. Also they

I love Dr. Spennetta. his adjtments' physical therapy and the exercise that he suggests is just right I suffer from Degenerative disk disease and both sciatic nerves are irritated as well as upper back pain and he keeps me from needing medication and surgery. Awesomeness

After a few rounds of steroids, my Rheumatologist recommended a chemo drug to “treat” my overactive immune system (autoimmune– colitis, connective tissue disease, etc.) and I chose SOPHIA instead. Dr. Ken, Dr. Chris, and Dr. Eli are an exceptional team and their natural, integrative,

I was referred to Dr.Johnathon Wagner office by 2 other people after an auto accident. It was hard to move my neck and stay on my feet all day because of back pain. I was also having trouble sleeping because of lower back pain. I had a MRI taken at his office and they found what was causing

I have come to know and love the folks at Live Proper Chiropractic. I see them once a week to provide routine maintenance. It is kind of like getting a "tune-up" but for your body. My whole family takes advantage and you should too.

My back and neck issues have been bothering me for years. Dr. Luke has helped me so much! My neck feels great and my back is getting better every day. I will continue to go weekly to continue to address my back and neck health. Your spine is your lifeline for sure! Dr. Luke is the best! Thank

Dr. Bain always hits the symptom on the head - to knock it out... getting me to great health! His extraordinary mind deciphers the root cause and then has a plan to move beyond. I highly recommend him.

Sharon is a wonderful practitioner, compassionate and dedicated. Even during the time of coronavirus she was able to help me with a virtual session deal with some pulled muscles and give me feedback on stretches, diet changes and other things that would help me move better. It was so great

At first I went in for a massage due to neck pain. I was not ready to take the leap and see a doctor. I was unable to turn my head or bend it backwards. I saw Harris and he was amazing. He found all the trouble areas and gave me tips. Afterwards Dr. Lloyd and I talked a bit about my neck

I was recently rear ended. What started as just a sore neck turned into a very painful debilitating problem. Dr. Okamoto fit me in the day I called and has helped me so much! I saw him four times this week and using multiple modalities I can return to work next week. He is wonderful and so

Dr. Kevin, Dr. Ali, and Dr. Mitchell are rockstars! They listen to my concerns every single day that I’m in there and work with me based on how I’m feeling. I have made so much growth in my posture and being able to see actual results makes me feel so good. They are so personable and make

Dr. Bain is a genius. He is an amazing doctor and really cares about you as a person and not just as a patient.

Dr. Bain is the best doctor I’ve ever seen. He really cares about you as a person. He is warm and empathetic and listens. He also is well versed in different medicines and will work with you to find the root cause of the issue. He takes his time in sessions to gather information and get to

Doctor Corey and Dr Johnny have completely helped me turn my life around after a wreck and years of being overlooked by other doctors. They don’t give up on their clients, they challenge us to become healthier And stronger, and the improvements aren’t just during therapy and adjustments,

My husband and I benefitted greatly from seeing Bev and Randy before our wedding. We also both individually benefitted from the hypnosis afterwards. It helped me so much to let go of some issues that I had been holding on to. So glad I opened myself up to them!

I've been to a lot of different chiropractors across multiple states, and this place is my number one recommendation. The staff is helpful and professional while also having a fun personality. They connect with every individual and personalize their experience to what it is their needs are.

My experience with Gary and Ann Arbor Holistic Health was fantastic. I turned to holistic health for answers after years of chronic unresolved health issues that were not getting better with traditional medicine methods. I was dealing with chronic sinusitis that gave me two sinus surgeries

A great place to go for your Chiropractic needs. Everyone at the office is helpful and friendly. They make you feel very welcomed at the office. I have been a patient of Dr. Fielder for many years, he really cares about his patients and their overall well-being. He is a joy to talk to and

I first came to Hawaii Hypnosis Center about a year and a couple months ago in regards to a skin picking issue. Keep in mind I was a little skeptical of this and thought that there was no way this would actually work. The consult was very informative and I immediately made an appointment to

Dr Fielder is the best! Knows right where my pin is and does a great adjustment! He is a wealth of information and knows his stuff! My whole family goes to Evolve. The best masseuse ever is Harrison! I have never felt better !!

I've been seeing him for a few years for pain and migraines and he has magic hands and needles:) . Everyone here is terrific Angie and the massage therapist are wonderful. I'd highly recommend this business!

Everyone at PWC is amazing. They make you feel welcome everytime you walk through the door. Dr.Leah is very caring and really listens to you. I've done both acupuncture and continue to get adjustments by her. She is supreme on both counts.

Phenomenal staff. Always friendly and professional. Been working with them on some nerve issues in my neck and did not expect to see such rapid results in so little time. The numbness in my arms is gone! They also offer acupuncture and therapeutic massage. Great all around services offered.

Dr. Dahl is by far the best chiropractor I’ve ever had. She takes the time to make sure every joint and pain is addressed. She makes suggestions on how to care for your trouble spots between visits. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants the best care available!

I originally went in to quit smoking and that hypnosis session actually worked, I was really surprised... Years later I went in for a follow up session (they offer free follow ups for the non smoking course) I had started smoking again (Vaping this time) and was going through an extremely

I enjoy going to Auburn Med Spa. They have an amazing spa environment, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and many services to choose from!