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Dr. Kortz and her staff have saved my life. They all treat everyone with respect and care deeply for their patients.

It has been 2 years since I gave up sugar through hypnosis. I went in last week to get some assistance with the holiday carbs. Hypnosis makes clean eating so much easier. I told my friend about it and she went in for an anxiety issue and now she feels more like going out and doing things

My husband and I came here for relationship help. We were fighting about money and it seemed like we just couldn't stop arguing. Once we lost communication then we just felt like roommates. We had tried traditional counseling but that was a joke. My husband just sweet-talked the therapist.

I have traveled in and out of the states to find a doctor who could help with my medical needs. Who would have known I would locate help in my own city. With a life threatening illness, there are the typical protocols that are standard, but in my case not helpful. Dr. Sharp literally saved

I made an appointment for a lower back problem and left with neck problems. He harshly cracked my neck 3x week for 9 months. I was 19 at the time, I am now 36 and my issues continue to increase. I had a insurance claim, and I believe he milked it. Old techniques-they hurt me I was young and

I have been dealing with a chronic issue in which Western Medicine has failed to look deeper into the situation. My former doctor placed me on almost very class of pharmaceuticals...still no positive results. I was originally referred to Dr. Ahaghotu for an Alternative medicine consult and

Nickel and dimes you for inefficient service. Boots you out the door in 15 min for the next patient. It's basically a fast moving chiropractic production line, with little to no results.

I had tried to get a general estimate for some labs I was referred to Ands Wellness for several times. I was looking for a general price quote because I am essentially a cash patient the way my insurance is structured during certain points of the year. I had said this up-front before even

Went in 2013 about June. I had some foot numbness (balls) of feet and some neuropathy in feet. After my 3rd visit I was fine until about 2am the next day. I woke up and my feet were both tingling very much and my toes were numb. Next visit I told the clinician of the problem. He did another

I came in with severe back pain and three months later I feel like a new person. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Spark Health helped me loose weight, eliminate my gastrointestinal issues and finally feel like my old self. Their specialized food sensitivity testing is amazing, I now know what foods I am allergic. I also know what nutrients I am low in, their IV therapy treatments have brought all my

This place helped me to stop smoking in one hour and I never thought about cigarettes again. I even sent my mom in and she has been smoking for 40 years and she stopped. Ask for the referral discount and your family and friends can save money when they go in. Now I just have to work on this

Being a sceptic I came to the hypnosis center not sure I would even follow through. After the first session I noticed I started drinking more water and not feeling the need to snack all day long. By the second session my clothes were feeling looser. Now that I have completed the 3 sessions

This was so amazing! I stopped smoking after 40 years yesterday and I never even thought about a cigarette. Hypnosis makes it so easy. I had tried everything, acupuncture, ecigarettes, the patch, gum, cold turkey...nothing. Finally someone told me about Hawaii Hypnosis Center because they

Dr.Li is a great doctor. She is very experienced and dedicated to offer the best service. My first time No Pain experience was at her Acupuncture Clinic. She truly cares about her patients and answer all of my questions. Thanks, Dr Li!

Dr Massie is truly a miracle worker. He had me up and walking two months after what probably should have been a fatal car accident. I had three blown disks in my back, and was up and walking after the first visit. I'm not sure he can always perform miracles, but he has saved me from what should

Eileen, I wanted to let you know that today marks the one year anniversary of being 100% totally smoke free. I can't believe that it's been a year already. My life has totally changed for the better and I could not have done it without your help and therapy program. You are amazing. I recently

Yes, it was crazy walking in. They were short handed by 2 staff and trying to do interviews at the same time. I had the last app't of the day and got in to see Dr. Korce after 20 minutes- not too bad of a wait. She is very real and down to earth. She came out into the waiting room to talk

Dr. Snow and his wife, Dr. Kristen, are truly interested in the welfare of their patients. They take time to talk and listen. I never have to wait in their office. Insurance billing has never been a problem. I receive massage and acupuncture which has been helpful. They have also suggested

Really? How can one be a life coach when one's own life practices and morals are questionable? Bad business practices. Ask around. In particular, ask married people around Fort Bliss.

Why are the owners so electant to put their bios or resumes up? What is being hidden?

What is the education levels and certifications of these life coaches? A good question has been asked.

I go there monthly for the T-zone Vibration Technology - good system. I also do a monthly footbath (detox). Good service. I see alot of complaints on the website; however, I would recommend to all - learn about the products and services before you go to ANY health store.

I have been going to All Natural for many years. It is a wonderful place. They are always warm, friendly and ready to help with many therapies. I love to receive healings and vast selection of products. It is where I go to get heartfelt advice. I highly recommend this wellness shop.

Since the very first time I walked into the store I was amazed at all the wonderful products and services the ladies here provide. I had a really bad cut on my face and I used their light therapy with immediate results, Swelling went down, and the bruising went away very fast. Thank you very

I have had chronic shoulder and neck pain due to an accident and stress. During the session, I felt the warmth of her hands, and my body was becoming more relaxed, with a slight release of tension. At one point, it felt like a big chunk of heavy tissue was pulled out. I immediately felt I could

What are the certifications of these so called coaches? I came across the site looking to purchase online products. One owner why so many negative reviews? Any ideas? They must speak for themselves. What are the certifications and education of the owners? I'm curious.

There are several accusations, here, and one can only guess why. I've gone to this shop for many years, and I'm increasingly impressed with the owners' dedication to finding the best products and attentiveness to customers. The owners go out of their way to explain the services they offer,

One visit, through exam, a few x-rays and the words "yes, I can help you." A few manipulations (albeit a bit painful) of my foot with instant relief and no pain after a few weeks! I'm walking normally after a few months of procrastination. My hip discomfort has also disappeared! I am more careful

Spend your money at GNC. This store is not where I will part ways with my hard earned cash. This business should be closed down permanently. It's overpriced for a bunch of garbage from over the border.

Dr. Trevens and staff are awesome! Anyone who suffers symptoms associated with upper cervical misalignment should not hesitate to see them to receive the professional support they need to fee their best! Thanks Dr. Trevens and Staff!

The most caring practitioner I have ever known. More concerned with patients than about making money. A Rare Find!

For the past 14 years, I've seen plenty of acupuncturists, holistic practitioners, herbalists As you become familiar with the treatments, you get to know you're body, what works and what doesn't. I’ve found only 3 practitioners that actually work with fast results. My first visit with Maya

This self proclaimed "doctor" is a waste of your time and money. "Doctor" Balster does not do an actual chiropractic treatment, instead he performs a bizarre series of foot lifting and very abrupt hand pushing. From my experience, the entire 15 min of his treatment is a scam and a complete

I saw the mixed reviews so I thought I'd check it out since I was in the area and needing a few products. Yes, overpriced. Yes, not impressed. I asked about the life coaching and was not impressed with the level of sincerity in the answer given. It really seems like a poorly run business

If you go, I would suggest purchasing the pills Dr. Mark prescribes at another location. We have found them considerably cheaper elsewhere. I even mentioned this to the staff and was not treated very kindly. I would not recommend Dr. Mark if you're looking for a good value at a good price.

Don't waste your money here. They import garbage from across the border. Get good, raw products from other stores in the area that a regulated in the US and banned from animal testing. I looked at what they charge for certain items, and compared them to what you can buy them for across the

I found Dr. Faiola be very thorough in his approach to my care. He listened to my explanation of what was going on with me and took time to explain what he found. The office staff was very professional and nice. I really liked that I could schedule my own appointment online. I did have to wait

This store is dirty. It smells inside. The woman who work there smell bad. I heard her talking on the phone. She was talking about something a customer shouldn't hear. Stay away from here.

You are so warm and friendly and really helped me where other treatments failed. Thank you.

Tom Ingegno greeted me with a warm and friendly smile for my consultation appointment. He expressed his passion for his work with his short story of his acupuncture training and practice. I was impressed with him, period. I had gone through the procedure before so I had no hesitation about

Thank you so much to molly for relieving my lower back pain and anxiety. I went in to try energy work and I received so much more than I imagined. There is no words for her talent. Thank you with all of my heart.

My daughter was diagnosed with ADD 2 years ago. Her father and I really struggled on the idea of giving her a “magic pill” to control her ADD symptoms. We tried to do everything from extra help & tutoring to keep her off of the medications. Finally the principal sat us down & explained to us

You cannot find a better licensed acupunctrist, who holds an additional Oriental Medicine Diplomate degree, is up to date with all the modern technology, who happens to also be a former trauma surgeon, and who has the patients needs before him, than Dr. Naeem. I found Dr. Naeem after extensive

Trevens Specific Chiropractic make me feel well cared for. The medical care is excellent and the front desk folks are warm and welcoming. Great results with headache, neck pain and numbness and tingling.

Caring, knowledgeable, affordable!

Doc Smith is a fully engaged compassionate Dr who really cares for every patient he sees. He remains up to date on new medical finds in his field and has given me hope for my several severe medical problems I could find no where else. I've been seen be Deepak Chopra, dr dean ornish and can

Lots of selection and friendly, helpful staff.

There was a long wait, but later learned this Dr. takes more time with her patients than any doc I have EVER seen- to actually TALK to them and ask about their health and well-being. She was open minded and wanted to learn about the whole person she was treating, not just symptoms. I will go

Dr. Cheri Pemble helped me with deal with the stress and anxiety of my divorce about 4 years ago. I was skeptical and nervous at first, but during the very first session, I was amazed at how relaxed I was, and how much I enjoyed it. I looked forward to our sessions every time, and really