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My experience and treatment at Millar Chiropractic in Madison has been excellent. All the staff members; Jessica, Lucy, Ashley, Madison, Shannon, and Alex have been exceptionally kind, caring, professional, and are very knowledgeable of their profession. Not only this, but they have shown a

Dr. Kortz and her staff have saved my life. They all treat everyone with respect and care deeply for their patients.

Yes, it was crazy walking in. They were short handed by 2 staff and trying to do interviews at the same time. I had the last app't of the day and got in to see Dr. Korce after 20 minutes- not too bad of a wait. She is very real and down to earth. She came out into the waiting room to talk

There was a long wait, but later learned this Dr. takes more time with her patients than any doc I have EVER seen- to actually TALK to them and ask about their health and well-being. She was open minded and wanted to learn about the whole person she was treating, not just symptoms. I will go

I have gone to Dr. Korcz on several different occasions and each time I go, there are different office staff there who do not seem to know what they are doing. Staff are quite rude, as well as Dr. Korcz when she falls behind in seeing scheduled patients, she enters the waiting room and shouts

I have never witnessed anything like this place the doctor reuses plastic speculums amongst other things that are one time use. I am outraged how absolutely disgusting are you? I will never ever go to this place again. And the receptionist is not cheerful at all, the doctor is below average.

This doctor/practice is so horrible that I have filed complaints with HIPPA due to the things i have noticed in the office. Also the front desk receptionist is so rude, unfriendly and is always talking badly of the rest of the staff. She was very sloppy and unpleasant. The nurses in the back

I heard her advertisement on a Christian radio station and was immediately interested in her practice. A Christian doctor was what I was looking for. When I got to her practice, I found the receptionist to be very rude and disrespectful. She was checking her Facebook page on her cell phone

I visited this practice twice. The first time the receptionist didn't know what forms of payment to take. The office manager (the doc's husband) outright lied to me. The nurse reeked of cigarette smoke. The doc herself hadn't practiced personal hygiene in some time and complained to me about

I have seen doctor Korcz 2x now and she has always been really nice and fun. Maybe she's not for you if you are a stick in the mud, but she's very relaxed and easy to talk to. She's always answered all of my questions and she's treated me more as a friend than a patient.

Don't understand why so many people are giving bad reviews. She was one of the best docs I've ever seen and listened and checked my vitals, bp, and asked numerous health questions. She was interested in my overall health not just the health problem that i am suffereing from the greatest. In

I was very excited about seeing Dr. Kortz after a referal from a friend. Upon ariving for my appointment I was greeted by a friendly receptionist. The problem occurred when I went to the exam room to meet with Dr. Korcz. I have never done this before, but after listening to her tirade for a

I have been to Dr. Jeanne for over a year now. She not only treats your symptoms, but she gets to the root of the problem. She is also very kind, compassionate, and really listens to her patients. I would definitely recommend!

I've been using Dr. Kortcz for several months now and I've been to her office 3 times for regular visits, etc. I have never had a doctor spend so much time with me and ask so many questions to fully understand my situation. She also shows true concern and empathy to her patients.

This is the best health supply store I've ever been to. Their selection was incredible and the staff was knowledgeable and very friendly. I'll be back for sure.

The people are friendly but its a small shop, kind of reminds me of a large quickie mart. maybe im just used to bigger, organized places, its nice if you know what you want but if you like to look around id go somewhere else

Staff is wonderful. it's a small store packed full of great products. if you hate health food try one of the cookies at the register and see just how amazing healthy foods can taste.

I send every one I know to Specialty Pharmacy. The people are great, but what I love is the deep knowledge of wholistic treatments as well as traditional medicine. The fact you can trust the pharmasist to know what the hebal and pharmacutical interactions might be is comforting. They aren't

You can lose so much weight by switching to the right herbs and slow yet effective diets. im 17 and i have lost 10lbs in 11 days. wow i know it works. go see for your self.

Has alot of anything and exactlly what you ask them for there awesome

I like that you can go in and they take the time to help you with your illness or worry.THE owner and her daughters know there products, and what they can do for you, this is a place that i really like to go to for help.THE herb shop also has other things like snacks, great information books,

I found the staff very helpful! The selection was not huge but the prices made it worth the drive. I found some of the plants I was looking for about 30-40 % lower than a lot of the other places in the area.