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I have been seeing Jenny for the last few years, she is amazing! In addition to acupuncture, she is incredibly knowledgable about nutrition, herbs, supplements as well as being one of the kindest most compassionate people I know. Her ability to deeply listen to the concerns and struggles of

The doctors truly care about your health and do a great job at correcting your problem with a specific, gentle approach, getting you pain-free and back to doing well! Would definitely recommend.

Professional, real, non-judging, absolutely awesome!

Spark Health helped me loose weight, eliminate my gastrointestinal issues and finally feel like my old self. Their specialized food sensitivity testing is amazing, I now know what foods I am allergic. I also know what nutrients I am low in, their IV therapy treatments have brought all my

Dr.Li is a great doctor. She is very experienced and dedicated to offer the best service. My first time No Pain experience was at her Acupuncture Clinic. She truly cares about her patients and answer all of my questions. Thanks, Dr Li!

I have had chronic shoulder and neck pain due to an accident and stress. During the session, I felt the warmth of her hands, and my body was becoming more relaxed, with a slight release of tension. At one point, it felt like a big chunk of heavy tissue was pulled out. I immediately felt I could

Thank you so much to molly for relieving my lower back pain and anxiety. I went in to try energy work and I received so much more than I imagined. There is no words for her talent. Thank you with all of my heart.

Great staff & both chiropractors are great.

Dr. Neary is a great chiropractor. Not only did he properly adjust my back, he also gave me some tips on general health and wellness. His office location is great too. It's close to Goleta and the buses (which I ride to get there). His staff is really pleasant also. I recommend giving

I was in a car accident that caused me to have headaches every other day. These headaches were quite bad, sometimes at a level of 8 out of 10. I had a lot of pain in my low back and tightness in my upper back. I tried taking Advil and other pain pills but they didn't help much. When looking

This office is amazing!!! The doctor helped me so much and explained why. He took the time with me and now I will be a life long chiropractic patient of Dr. Perry's. The girls in the front were helpful and checked my insurance. Although my insurance did not cover my visits, I was happy to

Dr. Katrina Stopper is by far the most knowledgeable and effective Chiropractor that both me and my friends have visited. Personally I have been seeing a chiropractor for over 10 years and should know. I had played football for more than half of my life and am currently a weekend warrior. Having

I went to Dr. Potigian for back pain from a sports injury, because my regular Dr said I had to live with the pain. I had the pain for 2 years before someone referred me to Dr. Potigian. His staff is wonderful and professional and no waiting. Unlike other Chiropractors he did a complete

About three months ago I was referred to Dr. Kim by my primary physician, due to the affects of pre-menopause, I was miserable the feelings I was having were unbearable. I thought I was losing my mind. When I entered Dr. Kimís office I felt such a calm and relaxing feeling come over me, I became

I was referred to Dr. Kim because of a sciatic nerve in my lower back, the pain was unbearable. I was unable to move around without felling intense pain. After a few treatments I felt 100% better. The pain has subsided. I am able to move around pain freeÖ. Thank You, Judy Lipton Palos

I was referred to Dr. Kim for a strained muscle in my back. After a few sessions I felt better than I have ever felt before. I would just like to thank Dr. Kim for helping me I was in a whole lot of pain!! Thank you so very much, Janet

Dr. Carol Wintermute is the best! I crawled in crooked and walked out straight! No pain!

Dr. Sommer is the team physician for my sons high school team and I was also referred to him by my medical doctor (which he said that Dr. Sommer is the only Chiropractor he trusts). Dr. Sommer has helped me regain a pain free life and am happy to refer him to everyone!

I had a sore low back, form moving boxes all weekend. Dr. Boris scheduled me the same day I called. He listened took the time to listen to me, and explained what was causing the pain in my back, and also explained the treatment that he could offer. The treatment included massage, ultrasound

Great guy he is, i love this guy really helps the people!

Yes, Now I can all German/Indian/Switzerland made Homeopathic medicines in the United States. I visited their shop after a lot of google and yahoo searches for a rare medicine. They also provide homeopathic consultancy in their store. It is conveniently located in a big Alum Rock Plaza.

Helen Ye really knows her stuff. She has experience and intuitive skills, and a warm and healing personality too. She treated me with acupuncture and herbs, and I've never felt better! Thanks Helen!

I have to say, this is one of the coolest places I have ever been to. Dena and Ernest are some of the best people I have ever had the chance to talk to about nutrition and detoxification. I can not say enough of praise to them, they helped me heal up my eczema that I have had for 5 years that

First time in 20 years that I feel confident about this fun interacting course. I will definately refer everyone I know and I will be back! I had fun and learned so much. The instructor was very knowledgeable and was easy to understand. I also liked that we didn't have a written test. You rock!

I could not agree more with the comments already left. Cece is a complete professional! From her demeaner to the presentation of her office.everything is perfect! There is such a relaxing, comforting feeling you get from Cece and her space which makes an otherwise intimidating experiance easy

They are always helpful and recommend the right products. If it turns out they don't have something I want then they order it.

I always have an excellent experience at Pele Fina. From the relaxing music, to the wonderful smelling products Rose uses on me, to the magnificent way she does her facials and massages, everything is just perfect.

Anankha is such a wonderful person who has such a compassion for people. I already recommended her to several people. Elizabeth too is also a great person and very helpful. I love this place ;-)

The food quality at the restuarant is excellent, if you value healthy food and reasonable prices. The grocery is excellent. Very good selection of quality food from around the world. Recommended it without any reservation.

My daughter, my sister, and I always go to the ontario street fair to purchase the emu oil. I personally love it for arthritis pain, and my daughter and I both love to use it as a moisturizer for our skin. I haven't found anything better.I will always buy it!

Bill is very caring and intuitive. His energy is very strong and he is truly healing

Recently I saw Dr. Tran for shoulder pain, after the 1st treatment my pain was down 50%. After several more treatments my pain is almost gone. And for some reason my energy level is up. I don't know exactly what Dr. Tran did but, my pain is gone and my energy is up. Thanks Dr. Tran

This is a real miracle. Terrible foot pains from Diabetes disappeared in two days and never got back!

This is one of my favorite places. The store has many lovely pieces of jewelry. They sell books, various stones, CD's, clothing and other interesting items. The Center has events in the evening and on weekends that will expand your mind, ease your troubled soul, and calm your physical being.

I Highly Recommmend this place, great massage from Lea, reasonable prices.

Also oolong tea, very fresh, Award winning quality. Much better than elsewhere.

This is one of the best stores I have been to. The help that you get is great, What ever you need to know jusk ask. You I will get the answer.

Greart Service and products. The Herbal product are formulated by the doctor, so they work better than other companies. Also these product work fast and have extreme value. In conculsion great service and herbal products.

I had been humiliated by my last dentist. Once I stepped into Dr. Rashid's office, I knew both she and her staff genuinely care about their patients. I had not been to the dentist in a few years and the doctor did not lecture me or belittle me. Instead she reassured that things would be ok

After waiting a week for my rx. i called this rx to check status. Why I hadnt recieved it as promised a week ago. DHL was never called to pick it up. The man was ver y polite and apologized saying he would call DHL most likely I would recieve it the following day. Why did it take me to have

Great people! great severs! high quality herbs and herbal products

The environmental impact of greening a buiding can have a long term effect, influencing the health of the community.

I was looking for this herb that i read in a natural cures book, and they had it there. and many more things.

Ema's Herbs was voted best alternative healer by readers of the Ventura County Reporter newspaper. I can certainly see why. Her knowledge and personality were very comforting. She gave me the motivation I need to make positive changes in my health and life. I am recommending Ema to everyone.

Labor board dfinitely needs to look over.

THIS PLACE IS THE BOMB! SEVERAL YEARS AGO WHEN I WAS AT DEATH'S DOOR I FIRED ALL MY DOCTORS, ESSENTIALLY! And ever since then, I will call Tina at the Nutrition Shoppe in a heart-beat and my results with all of their products far, far outweigh the good ever done by any doctor with the sole

I'm not obese but I was over weight. The Doctor really try to work with you. I think the best thing about my expereice is.learning how to eat again. Yes you are on the PILLS but you will see how much fatty unheathly foods you've been eating.

I use to have major pain in my back. I have been going to Spine fine for 2 years now and I have been pain free for most of that time!

I found the information provided to be very helpful. I would like to thank all who had a part in putting this information together.