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I had fallen arches in both feet and knee problems. With the whole body approach at The Spinery, and the expertise and determination of Dr. Woods, I received adjustments and muscles toning treatments (and healing) which helped me improve my condition and avoid surgery. Thank you Dr Woods for

The miraculous spiritual work that Dr Catherine Her treatment of me personal she transformed my entire like comely: Spiritual Life, social life, family life, social life and most important of all being my SPIRITUAL. Five years after this i am still an active fan and follower of hers, amazing

Migraine free for ten years. Thanks to Dr. Pearson. Back pain, neck, hips, knee and elbow - she's taken care of it all for me. Excellent care and a friendly office - always a pleasant visit. Thank you Dr. Pearson.

I have been thirty pounds overweight for a long long long time. Also threw my back out with the recent snow. Dr. Sweeney has provided me with incredible support for my weight loss program with "Take Shape for Life". She has helped me incredibly with my overall nutrition and attitude toward

Dr. E is the best chiropractor I have ever been to. I have been to a few chiropractors after a car wrecks, but never felt a difference. After visiting him not only do I feel better, but I understand how to completely heal myself. He was very gentle too.

If you wish to be ripped off, join the robb club. the Dr. will bill you all he can.

Great yoga atmosphere and there massage was out of this world!

I was overweight for many years, tried all different kinds of weight lose pills. nothing worked. Dr. Lu gave me some herbal medicine called 999, so far i lost 15lbs in 2 wks already. not only that those medicine gave me alot of energy. I just love them.

The therapists were good, but I didn't like the sales pitch at the end. It felt like a doctors office instead of a spa atmosphere.

Dr dan is tha best chiropractor in town if u wanna feel healthier or want to have more energy go to the Natural Life Clinic.Normally when my joints hurt, ma back is killing me or when my muscles r really sore Dr dan always always finds the problem everytime I go in i come out like a new person

For 6 years I did not have a menstruation cycle, the doctors tried many things and could not remedy the situation. They told me I may not be able to have any children. I went to Dr. JiMong he explained my imbalances and made me herbal medicine to drink twice a day for 21 days. The next month

I have been seeing Dr. Monica O'Sullivan for over 10 years. She has helped me in numerous ways. Everything about my body is better. I used to have chronic sinus issues, get 2-3 colds a year, be addicted to chocolate and have constant stomach problems. Now, I never get colds and when I do they

This a great store to go to without driving downtown if you live on the Southside of Atlanta. They have a great selection of herbal teas and supplements. The have a juice bar!

Outstanding service, clean rooms and great results. With a program catered just for me I was able to out my lupus back into remission. Without drugs! Thanks Quest!

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing Living Food Delights of Atlanta, GA. As a transitioning vegan, I was delighted (no pun intended) to finally find a restaurant that not only meets my taste bud and dietary needs, but exceeds my service and sanitary requirements. I have not tasted better