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It has been 2 years since I gave up sugar through hypnosis. I went in last week to get some assistance with the holiday carbs. Hypnosis makes clean eating so much easier. I told my friend about it and she went in for an anxiety issue and now she feels more like going out and doing things

My husband and I came here for relationship help. We were fighting about money and it seemed like we just couldn't stop arguing. Once we lost communication then we just felt like roommates. We had tried traditional counseling but that was a joke. My husband just sweet-talked the therapist.

This place helped me to stop smoking in one hour and I never thought about cigarettes again. I even sent my mom in and she has been smoking for 40 years and she stopped. Ask for the referral discount and your family and friends can save money when they go in. Now I just have to work on this

Being a sceptic I came to the hypnosis center not sure I would even follow through. After the first session I noticed I started drinking more water and not feeling the need to snack all day long. By the second session my clothes were feeling looser. Now that I have completed the 3 sessions

This was so amazing! I stopped smoking after 40 years yesterday and I never even thought about a cigarette. Hypnosis makes it so easy. I had tried everything, acupuncture, ecigarettes, the patch, gum, cold turkey...nothing. Finally someone told me about Hawaii Hypnosis Center because they

I believe hypnosis could work with the right person and techniques. When I went in there were no reviews up, just wanted to warn others so they don't get scammed like me.