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Dr Rachum and Joyce are wonderful and always get treated very respectful and friendly. Always answers our family's questions and receive treatment for relieve in a timely manner. We have been parients for over 15 years. No long waits and very honest and truthful! I am so happy to have them

Dr. Rachum and Joyce are very professional and nice. They care for their patients and do help them feel better. I am happy to say some Doctors do take pride in what they do. I highly recommend them.

Heather was able to stop the migraines which I've been suffering from for over 15 years. Prior to her treatments i had been to a Chinese Accupuncturist whose treatments do not compare to Sullivan Accupuncture and only offered temporary relief.

I had exhausted medical and physical therapy routes and still had issues of pain and mobility. My doctor said okay to my trying acupuncture and I was lucky to have someone refer me to Teri. She is very knowledgeable about various types of treatments, as well as being kind, caring, and thoughtful

I fractured my vertebra in March and Dr. Eric helped with the pain and Elizabeth treated me with acupuncture. It is a 12 week process of healing and I decided to forgo Kaiphoplasty which my GP wasn't happy about and opt for a more natural treatment. They did what needed to be done and in

Acupuncture was recommended to me by my doctor due to allergy/sinus swelling that was extremely irritating causing horrible neck pain and discomfort. It caused the main nerve in my face to swell, thus creating BP. Yes, I could have gone to any “acupuncture salon”, but I took my time and

Heather is helping with chronic pain associated with TMJ/migraine headaches. So far, the treatments are helping. So thankful to have found her! She is knowledgeable, kind and compassionate.

I have been a patient of Heather’s for over a year. She is helping transform my life through acupuncture, cupping, nutritional and lifestyle coaching! I am happier and healthier than I have ever been in my life and I’ve lost 30 pounds! With her calm, attentive nature Heather takes the

Heather is most compassionate and treats the mind and body. I have been twice now and gained a lot of understanding the connection between the pain I am experiencing and holding onto things from the past, Acupuncture is healing and Heather listens and knows what to do. She is such a great healer!

Never tried acupuncture until today and wasn't sure what to think but I'm amazed now. Never been able to have a massage without being in pain until now. Went in for shoulder pain but the level of relaxation I'm in has me hooked for more! Heather rocks!

Heather listens and customizes the treatment based on one's needs. She is very thorough, detailed and focused on her patients well being. She is knowledgeable, confident and a pleasure to work with.

Heather is a great acupuncturist, that listens and provides excellent treatment to m me for my upper back and shoulder issues as well and helping to balance my hormones. She listens to me and helps however I need ever visits. Her kind, down to Earth approach is always so refreshing and I always

I had an incredibly long driving commute which had irritated my lower back. Dr. Rachum has helped me with both Chiropractic care and by suggesting some simple exercises to keep the muscles loose. Once I started to see the positive results, I referred my Mom over to see him. She suffers from

Sunday afternoon, I had a freak fall in my house where I clotheslined myself on a dining room arm chair. On my way down, I thought, gee, I hope I havent broke my neck. It hurt to swallow and talk. My whole side of the neck was scraped up. My toes were turning all sorts of pretty colors.

I have received massages, Acupucture and chiropractic services here and all are wonderful! We send all of our doula clients to this office and they love it too! Amazing! We love Michelle Young and her team!

My wife and I needed to lose weight and were desperate to find a solution. We met Dr. Betty in September, 2014. We started the Ideal protein diet. The plan includes weekly weigh ins and guidance from Betty. At first we struggled to learn about nutrition. With her expert guidance and knowledge,

Visiting Blue Chip has been a great experience - Dr. Vanoss is a very thorough and considerate doctor who greatly helped me work through a knee issue and lower back pain. He really listens to what you say and actually remembers it later when you talk about your health! How many doctors do that

I found Dr. Rachum to be very skilled and experienced. I am feeling great and I attribute it to the care that I received in his clinic.

Dr. Steinys is wonderful. Comprehensive, supportive and caring. I've been to other chiropracters before and they don't compare!

My family had many health issues before coming to Dr. Buchar's office. My son and I had headaches on a daily basis. My daughter had severe allergies. My husband had chronic low back pain. After Dr. Buchar's care and guidance our family is now symptom free and have started a new path of

They are back open with many Sales. Great selection of extracts and vitamins.

I took my wife there so she could have her day off from work.she enjoyed the TOTALLY natural ingredeints used there. they have these herbs which are not available here.she liked it so much she went there for 2 weeks and she is much fairer and preetier than ever! she is also relaed from the

I got Reiki this afternoon and it feels so great to release all the negative energy! I am a massage student so I know about the benefits that Reiki can provide. I haven't had it done in a long time and it just feels so good to get rid of the negative energy that was weighing me down. I am going

Excellent Chiropractor. Very informative. I recommend Dr. Nakamura to anyone who wants to be seen a a true professional and a caring Doctor.

Dr. honey and dr. varga have helped me alot. they dont just touch upon the physical but the reasons, emotionally, that may be affecting your health negatively.

The worst customer service they have no idea what customer service is or what it that it take's to acheive it and the place smell's

Caring and attentive doctor and staff! Through physical and massage therapy, adjustments and rehab, Dr. Ahmed eliminated my pain symptoms, as well as the culprit behind the symptoms. Before long, I was doing things I couldn't do before. He'll be my chiropractor for life!

I contacted Lloyd about the products - they helped me get the most for my money - then they followed up with me and introduced me to the business side of their company. I am now earning in excess of $4,000 a month on a residual basis.YOU SHOULD CALL THEM IF you want to feel healthier and really

This is a great place for those of you who are into the healthy/holistic living thing. You will find just about anything you need from organic foods to organic body care. Stop by and visit - if we don't have what you need, we will order it for you!

Very helpful staff and good selection of teas. I recommend this shop to people looking for vitamins, natural soaps and oils, & colonics.

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Sra; gabriela consultora espiritual con mas de 25 year de esperiencia te ofrece toda clas de consultas espirituales no sufra mas venga hoy mismo y le alludare en problemas del amor trabajo salud suerte dinero y amor y enfermedades mi especialidad es magia blanca venga hoy y se convencera

Very friendly and knowledgeable of health and natural health.

The absolutely best experience ever! The procedure was in an extremely relaxed environment. The price was great and the staff were so welcoming. Experience this for yourself. Great all the way around!