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For the past 14 years, I've seen plenty of acupuncturists, holistic practitioners, herbalists As you become familiar with the treatments, you get to know you're body, what works and what doesn't. Iíve found only 3 practitioners that actually work with fast results. My first visit with Maya

After years of suffering with back pain and severe leg cramps I decided to try Acupuncture. What an amazing experience! It is not very often where you are treated as a person, not a chart number. Dr. Maya Alishayeva takes the time to listen to me, and answers all the questions I have. I

Maya. If I had you here I'd kiss you to death. Saw my Dr. Blood chemistry normal. Sugar, cholesterol, trigliceroids all normal. BP 140 over 84. Amazing how the diet and your program are working. Thank you. Didn't think this fat old man could improve this much. I'm thrilled.

I was suffering from seasonal allergy for over 20 years. I tried most of conventional allergy releive medications. They helped me for a limited time but after that I felt even worse. Not to mention side effects that affected my ability to drive a car. Doctor Maya offered me to clean my liver

I've practiced physical therapy for 40 years and have had a lower back problem since college when I was injured playing football. Maya corrected this back pain in about 5 acupuncture sessions as she freed me from my asthma. 3 months ago I was dangerously hypertensive with severe headaches.

After many years of psychotherapy and medical care, I have finally found significant relief from the emotional and physical pain I was experiencing. This healing occurred over a period of 6 months of working with Deirdre. She is very compassionate, and I felt secure in her professional competence...a

I've been to 3 hospitals, including Jamaica, Forest Hills and Long Island with high blood pressure, chest pain, severe dizziness and headaches. After that I felt much worse. When I came to Maya Alishaeva office, I could hardly walk and talk. After the first visit my blood pressure came to

I was suffering from allergies for quite few years. Just in 2 visits acupuncturist Maya helped me to breeze with ease. Best part - I do not have to visit again and pay for the visits. Thanks.

I have been seeing Emma for several months now and issues that I have had for years have been improving. Emma is very caring and passionate about helping to heal others. I recommend her to anyone who needs help with any medical issues.

Rickís knowledge, thoroughness, attention to detail, gentleness, calm demeanor, and remarkable ability to tune in to oneís needs make a world of difference in the journey to restoring overall health and vitality. This has been my experience as Rickís client. I am struck also by the delicious

I have had several health issues and in 2 weeks after seeing Dr Sarah I was already feeling better. She looks at you and your symptoms, as many diagnostic tests as you have, suggests others she may require and then puts all the puzzle pieces together to find out what is best for you. I highly

The beauty of her work is astounding! I need from the moment I saw her creations how special they are and that was affirmed when I received them. A warm gentle feeling with a beautiful vessel. I am so please to do business with her!

A few months back I had Reiki done on myself for knee pain in both knees, I was amazed at how well I can now walk down the stairs without holding on. I was sooo happy with my own results that I purchased gift certificates for my children and sister. Again with great results for them. I have

I have always had really bad menstral cramps so bad that my family had to literally carry me everywhere. I even went through two surgeries to help get rid of my pain. Kim performed reiki on me and I have been pain free for almost a year now. She made my experience wonderful. She is very

I've had chronic neck and back pain for quite some time. Her reiki has helped alleviate alof that so that I can sit for longer periods of time and be virtually pain free.

We purchased a 130+ year old house in the Buffalo area late last year. I loved the house, but I felt unsafe and a little creeped out every time I went inside. Before we moved in, Rev. Kimberly came to the house and smudged every inch, from the attic to the cellar and inside every closet, cupboard

I loved the items I bought from Kimberly! She is so sweet and understanding, especially when I was put into the hospital and had to delay payment. Her work is high quality and made from the heart!

I have been working with Danelle for the past few months and it has been great! She meets me at my apt (or sometimes at my office) for a private yoga session focused on helping me open up my back. It's great. In addition, she has come into my home to help me change some of my bad habits, some

My experience with Psychic's Thyme was very negative & unfriendly, my reading was terrible & i'll never go back & i suggest you all do the same

Tannia's Natural Nutrition is a safe haven in the heart of Ridgewood. It offers a large variety of services ranging from sliming treatments, massages, facials, sauna to naturopathic doctor, iridology and nutritional counseling. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. And the best thing of

Robert is the best Holistic Health Care specialist I have ever been to! He listens to me and always makes me feel better fast! His knowledge and professionalism are top notch! I recommend him to anyone who is looking for a great Holistic doctor! He also has an office in West Babylon which was

I received my very first massage a few months ago from Vanessa which was a gift from my trainer. What a wonderful experience it was. She talked me thru the whole thing and I was nervous! but it was so amazing. I've been back three times since then and my whole body feels different. My training

Wow these guys are great. Finally a site that doesn't promise the world but give good information. I called these guys and am now on there complete program. So far so good!

I can't believe how fear has kept me from getting the help I needed for so long. I went to Audio Center and they were so compassionate and caring toward me and my needs. They walked me through the process of getting assistance for my hearing loss. Everyone there was so nice and caring. Thank

I needed a product that I couldn't find anywhere else. They found it for me and keep it in stock for me now. I highly recommend Mr. Vitamin for the personal service. They care about their customers.

Ana and Carlos provide a wonderful service to the community.

This place stays stocked with unique and popular plants. I've seen plant species here that I cannot find anywhere else. huge wormwoods, rues, and even mugworts! The items are well taken care of and if you wait till the end of the summer, plants are bursting out of their pots. a great time to

Great food, great service. Peter's is an office favorite at Tsar Dental!

Hi I may have what you need check out if you would like to link to us please contact us Thank for your time

Very friendly neighborhood bar. Made my wife and I feel right at home. We will definitely stop back on our next trip to NYC.

The owner knowingly gave false information about an herb to me then rushed me off the phone when I challenged her opinion - no, in fact she hung up. I'll never call there again! I'm only giving one star because you HAVE to give something - I'd rather rate them at ZERO!

The only bad new is, it tends to be over crowded at times because of the small space. But, overall, Westerly's is clean and its the place you can find a wide varity of ways to treat your body. There, you can find tea, coffee, lotions, shampoos, vitamins, books, fruits, vegetables, grains, chips,