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Dr. Nick & Dr. Janet are very helpful. I believe that they really care about their patients and want to help them. They keep the costs down (which is rare in the medical arena) and only work hands on. They listen to your concerns, answer questions and show genuine interest in your health.

Everything was so great.

I had a very bad experience with this doctor. A medical assistant/receptionist was the one to explain my Xray results and findings instead of the doctor. She told me based on the Xrays the doctor recommended 30 visits. She then told me that it would cost around $1100 and that a payment plan

My Herbal Secrets is an online store that offers counselling in health and nutrition products. I was so grateful to find this site and found it most useful when trying to find information on products that I was interested in. I started with the sample pack and went on to find great results

The entire staff at Bassett's is extremely knowledgeable. They are the first health food store I would go to for all of my needs.

I visited this place a few weeks ago for help with back pain that turned out to be a mild kidney infection. The people there were very knowledgable and friendly. I was absolutely amazed at how many different things they have in the store. About any kind of organic food or drink you are looking

They have very nice jewelry and i will tell everyone about you it has helped me allot in pain. It was nice to meet you guys on the square when the strawberrys was on the square. You need to go to more place so more people will know about you i really like it.Went to their house and had more

Since 2001, Mother Earth has been helping me with every need I have. I've recommended numerous friends and family members and have only had positive feedback from them, and they in turn, have recommended others. Pam is the BEST! Very caring, very knowledgeable, very updated. a true Mother Earth!

I had a constant headache for almost two weeks-tried everything-saw Karen at Elemental Massage and in one hour my headache was gone. I recommend these therapists completely.

It is like walking it to some one's apathocary of the past. It is warm and cozy with fresh herbs everywhere! The owner is open and available to answer all your questions and inviting. I only wish that she was open more hours and that Ashland as a community embraced her, instead of treating

The ladies who operate this store are extremly knowlagable with regard to their products. They will not lie to you to sell you products. They know their stuff. I have shopped there for years.

I have been going to Alan Masters for a few years now and there isn't enough space to write all the good things I have to say about him. His staff is also very friendly, helpful and knowledgable. I am still fascinated by his treatments. I am always encouraged when I leave his office. I recommend

I have shopped here for 20yrs. It is so nice to have someone care about there product and customers like Patti at No Common Scents. I enjoy the teas which are delightful and warming to a tea drinker. I like being able to step into the shop and have some many of my sense delighted there in one

I am so sorry to say that this GREAT health food shop is closed! From what I understand, they just recently sold the shop and the new owner up and left after only a couple of months! But the sales are great! I found them when I was looking for light parts - come help them sell off the inventory

I would only go to Susan's for buying your natural hygiene and supplemental products, not for buying food. The prices are a bit too pricey on the food selection and average on the other products. I would recommend going to the new Krogers or Wild Oats for more of a selection of food products