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Would never return to this facility.

I would not have considered going to a chiropractor, but the acupuncture treatments and natural supplements along w/ adjustments and therapy gave me great results with no drugs.

Phyllis looks into your eyes, or at your tongue (or both), and tells you what is ailing you - even if you don't know that you have that particular ailment. She diagnosed a thyroid condition five years ago, that my doctor just told me about. Phyllis sells the alternative herbs and other supplements

One of the Finest and Compassionate services rendered! Consultant & Minister Jeani truly cares for those she serves with Prayer and Organic Natural Herbs, many of them Kosher too. She herself has experienced First hand what God will do IF you allow Him too in her life and the lives of others.

Very cheerful little store. Lots of fun and interesting natural foods. This is a fun place to shop for vitamins, food, Netti Pots, bulk herbs, and more.

Phyllis is the herb lady that looks into your eyes and tells you what you can do to get healthy. I was in very poor health when a friend talked me into going to see Phyllis the first time. I cannot say enough good things about the service and staff at Rock Creek. It is a family run business

Harvest World Market is a very good store to get health food, vitamin/mineral supplements and they have a wonderful selection of gifts and holiday decorations for everyone. One of my favorite shops in Sand Springs.

It is so nice to have this shoppe in Okmulgee. I never would have imagined that I could find Ezekiel bread in this town after looking through all the grocery stores to no avail. It is very comforting to have this shoppe in Okmulgee with it's great merchandise. It makes me proud that we have