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After being diagnosed with erythromelalgia, a rare vascular disorder, my PCP explained that there was no cure and not much could be done. Overwhelmed at the thought of dealing with the discomfort of constant swelling and burning pain in my feet whenever my body temperature rose, I reached out

She is a very patient and a great listener. There has not been one health concern that I have mentioned to her that she has not fixed or given me a natural remedy for. These health concerns include arthritis, heartburn, facial flesh wounds, aching back pain, and depression. I have also taken

My visits with Dr Lee started well. I felt that she was friendly and intelligent. During my second acupuncture treatment, though, a point on my leg that she used made my leg jump to the side about 1.5 feet. I have had an ache in that area over the last 3 months. Dr Lee also recommended

Dr. Lee is an excellent doctor and person, she studies the details of your case very carefully, under her care all of my health complaints have been properly resolved, I feel she always does her best to make sure she knows as much as she can about any health problems before following the proper

Dr. Lee is a godsend. I was feeling very frustrated battling chronic insomnia and depression. After several treatments I was sleeping better and I felt more hopeful than ever before. She takes the time to listen to all my concerns and is the consummate professional. I highly recommend her and

I have suffered from Iritable Bowel Syndrome for years and years. With the first treatment with Margaret, I felt great relief. Instant releif. I usually wake up with mild nausea and can't eat breakfast, if at all, for over an hour or more. After that first treatment, the feeling of nausea is

I feel like myself again for the first time in years! I actually know where my feet are and where they'll end up. My balance had gotten so bad that I had to either hold my husband's hand, a cane, or the wall when walking. I attributed this balance problem to my MS, and felt that I just had

Dr Lee has been a God send to me. She has help me through some difficult times and is alway willing to listen. She spends a great deal of time answering all my questions and keeps in contact with me so I stay on course. I strongly reccomend her and wish I would have found her years ago, of

Margarett Celli of Inner Light Wellness Acupuncture worked on me and I experienced outstanding results. Wanted others to know that I highly recommend her services

I wanted to drop a quick note and let others know that I engaged Margaret Celli of Alternative MedicinePractices to help me to become healthier. I experienced accurate information and quick results that actually remained with me. I believe the seeds she planted through the work she did on me

I went to Janet Leidy for acupuncture because I had a headache. By the time my appointment was done, my headache was completely gone. Thank you, Janet.

I have been dealing with penn herb co. for over 25 years,first in phila.,now in miami fl.reasonable prices,freshest product,knowledgeable don,t get no better than that. dom.

This store is amazing! They have all of the best foods, the absolute best variety I've ever seen! Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Vegan, Natural & Organic products etc. The staff is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of health and wellness - They take you around the store and actually explain

A wide assortment of organic foods and natural products are sold here. It is a great place for vegans and vegetarians to shop, as well.

They actually know things the customer doesn't and can explain why using a reason other than, this is what we sell.

When I first made my way into The Grape Seed, I wasn't sure what to expect; in fact, I was almost overwhelmed by the selection of natural products and services. They had a few food products, but the brunt of the shelved items were things like vitamins, candles, oils, and other key supplements

We always get things from Herbs when we go to the Kutztown Fair every year - I wouldn't trust lip balm and grapefruit soap to anyone else! And the mixes are great too! My mom loves them and uses them all the time for parties!

Great place. I am amazed at how many obscure things I might ask for that they have. Karen is amazing with information on any questions you might have. I highly recommend it!

Medically-emphasized acupuncture and herbology: I had an injury on my back at work. I went to see physical therapists for 3 months but I got no improvement. I came to OriLife Acupuncture. Initially, Dr. Zhang gave me 2 treatments per week. At the end of the 2nd week which is after 4 treatments,

I love this place if they dont have it they'll order it for you, and they have almost everything.

This shop is excellent. I have visited many occult stores across the nation, and thier unique service and knowledge makes them a truely unforgetable place.

I have been to Dr. Xu's office three times now and I feel so comfortable with him! He has such a wonderful bedside manner. It is a welcomed breath of fresh air to feel like a person rather than a number. Dr. Xu is very professional and extremely caring! I look forward to seeing him every week.

This is an excellent herbal store with a great staff and reputation. dr wyatt makes sure his staff are knowledgeable and well trained. their products are fresh and information is always available on new and upcoming products.