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I had tried to get a general estimate for some labs I was referred to Ands Wellness for several times. I was looking for a general price quote because I am essentially a cash patient the way my insurance is structured during certain points of the year. I had said this up-front before even

You are so warm and friendly and really helped me where other treatments failed. Thank you.

The acupuncture treatment I received from Dr. Wang was outstanding. Now I am free of shoulder and neck pain I was experiencing. I had tried everything else and nothing seemed to work. I would highly recommend Dr. Wang to anyone seeking pain relief.

Dr. Wang has given me back my life! Thank you, Dr. Wang, from the bottom of my heart.!

All you have to do is name the problem and you will get the product. it is very easy it not like a regular drug store pharmacy were the pharmacist don't really have a clue but Al and his associates are well infromed nevre do the look puzzled. they have a dedicated customer in me.

Love it, Love it, Love it! The owners are licensed Natural Health practioners and skilled in the art of good humor. The moment I walked into the building we were met at the door by the sweet aroma of Tiger Balm which is used in massages. The atmosphere was bright and breezy which I attribute

I have been patient of Dr. Ueno since March 2008 and I have wonderful news. 1) Some of my Multi Nodule Goiter nodules have gotten smaller and some have stopped growing. 2) My stomach problems are so much better, I do not feel and look so bloated and I have lost about 7 pounds without dieting.

A great place to shop for plants, gifts, yard materials, soil, mulch, above ground planting boxes with copper corner caps. The gift shop has wonderful items for your friends and family.

He is great. Saved me and several friends everytime we had problems.

I have been to this establishment many years ago and they know there stuff.They can recommend things and guide you in the right direction if you don't know what you are looking for and also keep you from taking something that may be harmful to your system if mixed with other things.Definite

I absolutely love this place. I went based on the recommendation of the first review. I drove past hundreds of herb shops to get to Friend and Hand and it was totally worth it. Good service, knowledgeable associates and good advice. I feel better already!