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This is truly a one of a kind office! Chiropractic was not initially on my radar and I didn't really see myself ever trying it out. Luckily, I stumbled upon Dr. Nima's office before any of my symptoms escalated. The entire staff is incredibly welcoming, the office is immaculate and upbeat,

I’ve been in 2 collisions over 3 years and both times I’ve come to Devine Chiropractic & Rehab. A chiropractor works with your spine so I’ve always been very cautious and skeptical of clinics but Dr.Devine and everyone else has been more than helpful and rid me of all my doubts. Dr. Sam

I went to see Dr. Donovan after a car accident where I was rear ended. I've been to your typical chiropractor before and have been pretty unimpressed about the communication and results. Craig was recommended to me by a friend who has used him in the past. He is very communicative and does

Dr. Donovan's practice is healing in a way that I haven't experienced chiropractic care before. Listening closely to every detail I mentioned, he communicated with me throughout the session and helped me understand what was going on with my back. He was kind and compassionate and I left feeling

I cannot begin to explain how fortunate I am to have found Solution Chiropractic. I was waking up every day with neck and back pain, constantly had migraines, and I was just pretty much a miserable wreck on a daily basis. Since starting with them, I sleep better, I hardly have headaches anymore,

When I started seeing Dr. Nima, I was told by my primary care doctor “not to bother with chiropractors.” I was unable to move my right arm and neck and it was severely limiting my ability to perform simple tasks. Instead of taking a prescription for pain medicine, I called around to a few

They are warm, welcoming, and helpful. The therapies they offer before adjustments help quite a bit and I definitely saw a change in my posture and neck pain. I got in a scooter accident while I was in the middle of my appointments to help correct my posture which set my progress back a bit

Dr. Sarah Garrett at Fairhaven Integrative Health is an excellent primary care physician! She has taken the time to get to know me and my health needs and provide truly thoughtful guidance to help improve my health.

I found Dr. Faiola be very thorough in his approach to my care. He listened to my explanation of what was going on with me and took time to explain what he found. The office staff was very professional and nice. I really liked that I could schedule my own appointment online. I did have to wait

Doc Smith is a fully engaged compassionate Dr who really cares for every patient he sees. He remains up to date on new medical finds in his field and has given me hope for my several severe medical problems I could find no where else. I've been seen be Deepak Chopra, dr dean ornish and can

Fixed my headaches in no time!! I would recommend Dr. McGahey to anyone who has headaches.

I LOVE this place! The trainers are all R.K.C. certified and are at the top of their game when it comes to training with KettleBells. In 8 weeks I made changes in my body that I didn't think were even remotely possible. In 1/2 an hour I get my stretching, strengthening, and cardio all in

I had headaches and neck pain....since i get adjusted by Dr. Tuttle, I have been a like a new person. They are great and the staff is very friendly! Very recommended!

She prescribed some supplements that I think helped me, but directed me to her Nutritionalist (on staff) who put me on an "Eat right for your blood type" for cancer care! Long waits to see her. I didn't feel she was fully addressing my concerns/needs when dealing with multiple health issues

I've always preferred NPs. Not anymore. She is disorganized and rushed. You'll be lucky if you get 15 mins of her time. Under her treatment plan I got deathly sick. Instead of waiting 5 days to get into her when my entire body was on fire, I went to a walkin clinic. My liver was malfunctioning.

Sunny has an amazing grasp of the human body. She has helped me more than any one else I've seen (including several specialists). I admit I was skeptical at first, but was at the point where I will willing to try almost anything to get the pain to stop. Sunny made a believer out of me!

Simple yet direct to the point, and, informative. Amazing one-of-a-kind, ready-to-wear product line exclusively made by a 120 year old manufacturing company for a 35 year old marketing company in Japan. Good site!

They have lots of hard to find items that I can't get anywhere else. A definite bonus!

Urban Gourmet & Garden is an amazing place to shop and learn. The shop is full of kitchen gadgets and tools for all levels of cooks and bakers. In addition, Urban Gourmet offers spectacular cooking classes. My company hosted its annual Holiday Party at Urban Gourmet with Chef Traci. Urban Gourmet

David E Watts Consulting Service is honest, straight forward, and very informative and knowledgable about their products. The service is excellent, the products work. I will definately be a repeat customer.

Great acupuncture, wonderful herbs. Susan really helped me.

You can find most of the TCMedicinal herbs in bulk here. Great stock. A person needs to know how to gind roots & seeds etc., and then capselize them on their own, make teas etc. It's a very traditional approuch to herbs instead of buying prepackaged and bottled items as is commom in the US.

Two MDs from China, Dr. Tan and Dr. Yang are both amazing! Their Knowledge of the human body in depth, combined with the superior skills, makes them very special! They are both kind and gentle and always give me the answers for any questions I ask. ( I was treated for the shoulder injury ).

I have never found a more delightful company with the freshest herbs, hospitality and real folk medicine knowleddge, as I have found here. If they don't have it, they will find it. Denise Joy is the most knowledgable Earth Mother and Midwife in the Pacific Northwest. It would be a shame to

The most outstanding IBS education and products for Irritable Bowel Syndrome available.