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We're dedicated to delivering the best quality of chiropractic and alternative health care to our patients. Our doctors and team are fully trained specialists who continue to update their skills through continuing education courses throughout the year. Advances in alternative healthcare allow us to supply the most current and efficient treatment possible.

We're a collaborative of whole health practitioners who have come together under one roof to be capable to provide comprehensive holistic care. We provide many of the branches of complementary care - acupuncture, massage, holistic nutrition, naturopathic medicine, reiki and more! More Reasons to Visit Congrats to each of our neighbors in Hampden who have. The Fertility Wellness Program is new this.

Thank you for stopping by our little spot on the web. Ancient Arts Acupuncture is dedicated to serving downtown Baltimore with the best quality alternative healthcare including acupuncture, moxibustion, Chinese herbal medicine, massage, Reiki, and Qi Gong. We can even supply your pet with animal acupuncture. Please look around and hopefully this site will answer any questions you may have.

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Sheng Wang CMD L.AC is credentialed as a medical doctor in China, recognised as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine CMD and Master Chinese Herbalist here the US. He is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Master Herbalist Board Certified to practice in the state Maryland and Washington DC with 27 years knowledge treating all kinds of diseases, imbalances and disorder.

Real learning gets to the core of what it means to be human. Through learning we recreate ourselves. Through learning we become able to do something we never were able to do. Through learning we re-perceive the world and our relationship to it. Through learning we extend our capacity to create, to be part of the generative process of Life. There is within us a deep hunger for this kind of learning.

Alternative Counseling & Wellness Center was created to aid individuals find their inner source for healing, enrich their lives and meet their highest potential. We provide personal counseling, coaching and wellness training. The direction in which we focus our energy is where we can expect to see results. Becoming conscious of that focus is the 1st step.

A practicing and teaching facility in Baltimore, Maryland - MDKWI strives to assist you bring balance and control back to your life. Using an East meets West approach we provide you, our customer and/or student, the tools in a range of modalities to equip yourself in the healing process. We can assist improve your life. Our goal - to bring balance to your body, mind, and spirit.

Situated in the middle of South Baltimore's Business District, Federal Hill Massage & Wellness Center is home to various independent wellness practices, including suppliers of therapeutic and rehabilitative massage, Shiatsu, acupuncture, and traditional Chinese herbs. Our mission is to provide the best quality of bodywork without a wealth of spa-fluff.

Tom is nationally certified and licensed in both New York and Maryland. He has taught at two prominent acupuncture colleges in NY and is a frequent contributor to the North American Journal of Oriental Medicine. Tom uses a variety of Oriental Medical techniques including Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Herbs along with a gentle caring nature to help patients reach their health goals.

  • Tom Ingegno greeted me with a warm and friendly smile for my consultation appointment.

Michelle offers a variety of bodywork modalities in the Mt. Vernon neighborhood of Baltimore. Whether your goals are to escape from everyday stresses or you have a specific injury that needs addressed, she has the knowledge base and experience to help you start the healing process.

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