Alternative Medicine Practices in Burlingame, CA

Comprehensive list of alternative medicine practitioners in Burlingame, CA. Unbiased reviews, ratings and recommendations on local practices.

Welcome to Live Well, an acupuncture & herbal medicine clinic situated in San Francisco Bay Area. In our practice, we are committed in treating not only the health condition but the person as a complete. Using acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition and lifestyle counseling, and other healing modalities, our mission is to help you to live well with a healthy mind and body.

Danli Chiropractic & Wellness is a family-oriented practice focused upon the total health and well-being of every patient. We supply compassionate, supportive healthcare for the entire health of our patients. We accept individual injury, Worker's Compensation, and most major insurance.

Do you or somebody you love have health problems? Do you feel you have tried it all and still nothing seems to work? Do you have to take toxic medications in order to keep yourself functioning? Discover how Homeopathy can assist you regain your health and vitality. This alternative medicine has helped millions of people all over the world to gain optimal health and wellbeing.

Back in Shape Chiropractic supplies treatment for a huge range of people with varying conditions. Discover the kinds of treatments we provide our patients. Our clinic always operates with you in mind. Back in Shape is glad to consider insurance questions with you, and provides a complimentary consultation before initiating your treatment. Find out where we're situated and how to contact us.

If you are new to Chiropractic or seeking a new Chiropractic approach for your health concern, we look ahead to assisting you. Everyday, more people discover the science, art and philosophy of Chiropractic to get relief or stay healthy naturally without any medication or surgery. Please review the list of several of the celebrities who have discovered the benefits of Chiropractic.

Dr. Donovan specializes in the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of repetitive stress injuries with the aim of correcting abnormal movement patterns and postures. He uses a holistic approach to aid patients overcome pain and physical limitations that incorporates Diet, Rest, Exercise, Alignment and Mindfulness D.R.E.A.M..

Will power, nice intentions, and desire are often not enough to assist you change bad habits, remold behaviors and break free from crippling attitudes and beliefs. Transformative Hypnotherapy can allow you to make lasting changes in your life. I use proven hypnotherapy techniques that allow my customers to leave unsatisfying lives behind and achieve their aims with greater ease.

The main mission of Scientific Acupuncture Center is to bring health to the communities with nature ancient Chinese medical science. We emphasis Scientific Acupuncture is because Acupuncture is a medical science with a wealth of modern research evidence. All the reports revealed that acupuncture's physiological mechanism.