Alternative Medicine Practices in Grass Valley, CA

Comprehensive list of alternative medicine practitioners in Grass Valley, CA. Unbiased reviews, ratings and recommendations on local practices.

At Spring Hill, we take pride in delivering both traditional care and an range of complementary natural health treatments. To become a patient, ask your doctor for a referral today. In certain cases, you may pay for services on a fee basis. Spring Hill has offered comprehensive physical therapy services to residents of western Nevada County and the surrounding countryside since 1993.

A Naturopathic Doctor N.D. has completed a postgraduate medical education specializing in primary care natural medicine. Naturopathic doctors are distinct from acupuncturists, chiropractors, osteopaths, and medical doctors. They are uniquely trained to supply a complete and integrated approach to help your body's innate healing processes.

Get to the root of stiffness and pain without exercise, massage or chiro. Learn to observe and change patterns that compress your spine and joints. Alexander Technique helps us be more comfortable in our bodies, eliminating stiffness and pain caused by habitual contraction.

Welcome to the California College of Ayurveda CCA, the longest running, State-approved college and professional training program for the study of Ayurvedic Medicine in the US. CCA provides a complete curriculum, with three levels of programs leading to certification as a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist C.A.S..

Dr. Dale Jacobson, D.C. was raised in Nevada City and he has been a chiropractor in Nevada County for over three decades. He works with his wife, Diane, and wonderful team to bring a lot of experience and an unforgettable humor to the treatment of his patients.

Still Mountain Acupuncture is a complete service Traditional Chinese Medicine and Wellness Center. We supply holistic, organic, and non-surgical approaches to the effects of stress and aging with spa services including massage and AcuGems Facial Rejuve. Contact us for more infomation or to make an appointment.

Have you been told: It is all in your head! You just have to live with it. Find out what might be causing your problems! Your brain is in charge of every kind of your being - mental and physical. Your brain relies on three things to be cheerful. As you age, you lose several of your capacity to utilze oxygen, approx. The older you get, the more oxygen deficiency becomes an issue.

Within each of us is a source of wellbeing - our Health Spring -- and when it is flowing we experience wellness, balance and joy in our lives. Health consultation is available in person and by phone or email.