Alternative Medicine Practices in Kent, WA

Comprehensive list of alternative medicine practitioners in Kent, WA. Unbiased reviews, ratings and recommendations on local practices.

Headache, Cranial, and TMJ Specialists - Meridian Valley Chiropractic Helping you to do the things you have always wanted to do, and assisting you in achieving optimum health, is our aim to Meridian Valley Chiropractic. By helping your body to function without interference at its maximum efficiency - the way it was designed to - you'll be capable to live life to its fullest.

Our office is a complete service naturopathic health clinic. We welcome acute and chronic conditions of all sizes, specializing in difficult-to-treat conditions. In addition, we strongly advocate and provide preventive medicine as well as total wellness protocols.

Learning from Old Men and Starfish. It's a story that I heard long ago that I should tell you about, too. Why Us? Infinity Chiropractic has friendly and courteous team who are always pleased to answer questions, or to help you with insurance information, billing, and scheduling. One way to really get to know a person is to learn about their aims in life.

We chiropractors are an exceptional bunch. Chiropractors are maybe the most misunderstood practitioners in health care. We are delighted that you've chosen to visit our site and learn more! In this site you'll find out what so many other Kent-area residents have discovered: Chiropractic is amazingly simple.

Feel Good Again & Increase Your Energy Are you tired of nagging headaches, backaches or stress? Are you in pain from whiplash, over-exertion, a fall or strain? Chiropractic treatment can relieve your pain and tension so you can be at your finest again. If you've been in a car accident or are putting off doing things because you do not feel well, now it's time you get relief.

We may show our growing family of patients what we have been up to, with pictures and success stories from those whose lives are better thanks to the wonders of Chiropractic care!

Situated in the middle of Covington, WA, the leading health specialists at Cascades Chiropractic are committed to assisting you reach your wellness objectives -- combining skill, expertise, and education that will enable you to gain your very finest in health and wellness!

You are the lucky owner of a magnificent piece of biological machinery - the human brain. Your brain is always on, performs lightning-fast calculations, and is a whiz at making connections between see. You're at the doctor's office because you think something might be wrong. Rationally, you know tests are possibly necessary, but getting the tests done usually provokes a wealth of anxiety in all of