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This clinic was established on the principle of putting patients' requirements 1st in providing superb natural medical care. We routinely evaluate therapies and natural medicines, selecting only those for use in the clinic that meet our criteria of effectiveness and safety. After all, when you select a clinic or doctor for your health requirements, what you really want is to feel great as soon as possible.

Marin Natural Medicine Clinic is an integrative naturopathic and Chinese medicine practice committed to high-quality healthcare and professional patient services. As a primary care clinic, we supply a complete array of medical services from diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic conditions to healthy visits all with a natural approach.

Dr. Camp has helped 1000's of patients recapture their health and vitality and he can assist you do the same. By utilizing natural, bio-identical products you can balance your hormone levels, powerfully fortify your immune system, and dramatically boost your energy levels.

The rewards of either program are improved strength, balance, flexibility, muscle tone, circulation and mental concentration. Whether you are a new student or longtime yogi or yogini, our certified instructors will inspire and challenge you to discover the true meaning of yoga the union of body, spirit and mind. Red Dragon Yoga is a close-knit community that embraces a supportive yoga lifestyle.

You can now schedule appointments online. Seth E. Labott, D.C. is passionate about releasing the infinite wisdom of the body to heal in all who desire it. An Exercise and Sports Science graduate his interests include utilizing chiropractic to enhance peak performance. Chronic Degenerative Arthritis of the spine.

From a certain point onward there is no longer any turning back. At CLEAR Center of Health, we incorporate cutting-edge Integrative Medicine with the most efficient, studied natural approaches to optimal wellness. This comprehensive, powerful blend of scientific and natural therapies yields results that exceed our patients expectations.

Partners in your healing process.I felt fit and rejuvenated after the 1st massage. .WOW.Traveling across the globe, this by far the finest Thai massage I have ever Received. .I will ease the knots out of tensed up muscles, and renew your sense of calm and integrated well being. Your body will relax, inch by inch, beneath my a sensitive, intuitive, nurturing touch.

Bay Area Breakthrough Center supplies an exceptional blend of transformation technology. Fear is a natural state of being. Everyone experiences it in some form throughout their lives. We live in a world where fear is rampant. Using this powerful blend of transformation technologies: hypnotherapy interactive guided imagery and emotional clearing envisioneering, and coaching, you'll be capable to efficiently

Dr. Pinkerton uses a powerful method of chiropractic called Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique or BEST. This advanced, holistic technique addresses the role of the mind and emotions in the development of symptoms. With it, we can often successfully deal with symptoms without the forceful adjusting of the joints i.e. cracking that most of us associate with chiropractic.