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We'll show you the natural way to better health without resulting to the use of medications or over-the-counter medicine. We are convinced that after one visit you'll see why chiropractic is the effective and safe alternative to back surgery. They are trained in x-ray techniques and in order to make an accurate diagnosis may ask x-rays of your back and neck.

Ancient Chinese treatment with oriental medicine, acupuncture, food therapy and relaxation therapies for couples seeking aid with infertility. Everyone's body is unique in its own way but at OWC we currently have the modalities to fine-tweak the body to its balance to about conception. Cleanses body from pesticides, medication / drug residue, nicotine and heavy metals.

We provide many different treatment options beyond the chiropractic adjustment to assist you receive the results you want. Non Surgical Spinal Disc Decompression Effective for treating herniated discs Laser Therapy A revolutionary new treatment for those suffering from arthritis Custom Orthotics Did you know that your feet might be causing your back problems?

Welcome, it is our pleasure to serve all of your chiropractic and medical health care requirements in one convenient location! Until now, if you were injured you might see one health professional for diagnosis, another for treatment and still others if you need aid from a specialist.

Through the years, Chudy Chiropractic Clinic has successfully treated 1000's of patients with back, neck, shoulder, carpal tunnel, headache pain. And with over 20 years knowledge, extensive post-graduate study, modern treatment, and several old-fashioned care we're confident that we can assist you, too. We are conveniently situated just one mile S of I-94 on Hwy T Grandview Blvd. in Waukesha.

A Healthier Life is Just a Phone Call AwayPeople seek out information about chiropractic care for a number of reasons. You may have a condition that you believe chiropractic can assist resolve. Chiropractic may be a last resort because other health specialists have not helped. You may have kids with health concerns.

Acupuncture promotes the restoration of normal bodily function, not just the removal of symptoms! US citizens spend ten percent of the nation's gross national product on hospital and medical care. We have more doctors and hospitals to serve our population than nearly any other country, yet the United Nations World Health Organization WHO continually rates our population as having one of the lowest

Our Mission is to share the art of unity with the world. Yoga asana postures in combination with the right breathing and movement vinyasa have a powerful, transformative effect which results in the union of mind consciousness and body matter. By coming together to practice we extend that unity from mind to body to one another creating a ripple effect of integration for humanity as a complete.