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Nice health isn't an accident. It is something that is achieved through proper care and care to the requirements of the body. We aid our patients achieve the best level of wellness through complete chiropractic care and treatment. Our services are suited to the specific requirements of each patient and are located on a holistic approach to life and the treatment of injuries.

  • They fixed my back after my car accident!

At Eubank Chiropractic, we're dedicated to delivering you the best chiropractic care in Arizona. You'll receive the quality healthcare and individual attention you and your whole family deserve, at affordable prices. Let us show you how chiropractic care that is combined with exercise, a healthy diet, and wise lifestyle choices can assist you enjoy life to the fullest.

We'll let you know which Flower Essences can assist. Deborah Doc Watson hosts new show, Spine Universe. Have problems with your back, neck or head? Learn how to take attention of your back, the latest treatments for back injury, listen to the experts in neurosurgery, chiropractic, and orthropedic medicine explain the what, how, when, where and why of back health.

We currently have a Chiropractor in Tempe and Gilbert. We treat sport and spine injuries in several of the nation's top athletes. But Chiropractic is only a fraction of what we provide in our office. If you have any questions don't hesitate to call and someone will assist you. We are committed to our community and to promoting a dynamic health philosophy. At All Star Health we treat all pain and discomfort.

After graduation from a four-year college or university, naturopaths are trained in four-year medical colleges just as other physicians are. Of course we aslo learn the naturopathic therapies. Naturopaths are trained both in the classroom and in a range of clinical settings.

As soon as we currently have the topics available, they will be posted so keep checking back! On a daily basis we get a number of people searching for a Naturopathic physician. Dates and details for all upcoming CME events! The AzNMA is now providing online CMEs! Please join us on Saturday, July 18, from the comfort of your own office or home, as we discuss Naturopathic Approaches to Chemotherapy Resistance.

Ping Yang, an Arizona State Acupuncture Board licensed and US national board NCCAOM certified acupuncturist, has been practicing in Arizona since 1992. She was a State Certified Physician in China with fifteen years of practice before moving to the US. Ping Yang has more than 3,700 patient files in her Tempe office and her name is on many medical doctor's referral lists.

Dr. Anthony Gross & Dr. David Merchant are chiropractors in Tempe, AZ dedicated to delivering best quality chiropractic care. Utilizing many years of chiropractic training and specialized education, both Dr. Gross and Dr. Merchant effectively treat patients with conditions such as sports injuries, auto & work injuries, headaches, back pain and general family health & wellness care.

A revolutionary technique that is different from the traditional chiropractic's a gentle and holistic approach that has helped 1000's of people in the US, Canada, and Europe! Payment plans available with approval. Patient must qualify for the program before treatment starts. The service may or not be covered by your medical insurance.

Dr. Erik Schutt is an experienced Tempe chiropractor who specializes in non-surgical low back pain and neck pain releif using FDA cleared cold laser and unique chiropractic care. At this Tempe chiropractic clinic, the walls are filled with patient testimonials who have made full recoveries from their pain.

Situated within 24 Hour Fitness Gym, ProQuest Chiropractic started in March of 2004 and provides modern, full scope Chiropractic care and Massage Therapy available 7 days a week. Rehabilitation exercises and hydrotherapy are included and available within the fitness center.

FREE Massage Therapy session for referrals to our office! See Massage Therapy page for details. The Problem with Chiropractic, Acupuncture & Physiotherapy Are you searching for a Chiropractor, Acupuncturist or Physiotherapist in the Tempe/Metro Phoenix area? Normally, a patient must make separate trips to separate offices to benefit from Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Physiotherapy.

Welcome to my Web site and Innate Life Center, a family chiropractic clinic in Tempe, AZ. Let me familiarize you with a few of my beliefs and philosophies, shared by scholars you may recognize. Each patient carries his own doctor inside him. They come to us not knowing that truth. We are at our finest when we give the doctor who resides in each patient a chance to work.

At Tempe Chiropractix, P.C. we care about you. We will do our finest to correctly diagnose your problem and supply you with the finest quality care to get you back on the road to recovery or refer you to another specialist who may better care for your problem. We care deeply for our patients and my highly qualified team will supply you with the high-quality treatment you expect and deserve.