Alternative Medicine Practices in Tustin, CA

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Welcome to the office of Dr. Allen H. Liao, We thank you for the possibility to address your total health care requirements. In our office we treat the whole body, not just specific ailments. You will experience traditional Chinese medicine sometimes referred to as Oriental or Eastern medicine, a therapeutic practice that has been used for 1000's of years in Asia and other countries.

A truly professional hypnosis center serving the Orange County, CA area and all of southern California. Imagine a world famous hypnosis center right here in California. Brought to you by the award-winning educator, and innovator, Cal Banyan, MA, Board Certified Hypnotist. Each hypnosis professional at our center uses the 5-PATH hypnosis system, and seventh Path Self-Hypnosis.

Dr. Chau Bao Nguyen is a National and California licensed acupuncturist and herbalist who has practiced medicine for 12 years. Very attuned to the physical ailments of her patients, Dr. Nguyen has always provided special care and care to their requirements. Trained under Dr. Miriam Lee, responsible for the legalization of acupuncture in the state of California.

It is Dr. Woods philosophy that an integration of allopathic and complementary therapies enables for more options, and a path of wellness that ultimately promotes the quality of life for his patients and their owners.

There's more to your nice health than meets the eye. A healthy body means a healthy framework too. Chiropractic can assist you achieve and maintain proper spinal balance which enables the nervous system to function at its highest potential, without the use of surgery or drugs. Put simply, spinal nerve pressure interferes with the messages your brain sends to the organs throughout your body.